Apex Legends Teases Olympus As Potential Third Map

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Apex Legends Teases Olympus As Potential Third Map

The latest quest in Apex Legends Season Five has fans wondering, are we heading to Olympus?

Apex Legends Season 5 has been out for some time, and the Broken Shore quests are stacking up. In the most recent quest, the voiceovers and more have located something that seems to point to a city in the TitanFall 2 lore, Olympus.

After completing the final quest, a new mission unlocks which takes players to a vault. In the vault, we come across a character head that may refer to a previously teased Legend named Ash, a pilot from the Titanfall 2 universe.  Ash was first featured in the Apex Legends Season Four teaser trailer but hasn’t made much of an appearance since. In the vault, you find her AI head on the floor and need or restoration. Perhaps Ash will be Season Six’s Legend as players seem to reactivate her ahead of the upcoming lore of the new season?

Furthermore, in the same vault Octane and Lifeline talk about a city named Olympus, based on a planet called Psamathe. This is not the first time Psamthe has been teased, as the planet was teased before Season 4 and is also the homeworld of Lifeline. To further speculate that Olympus is the next destination for the map, The Season 5 teaser trailer shows that Loba has been to Olympus before landing at King’s Canyon. It seems very much that Loba has some connection to Ash, and Olympus as a whole.

The potential of Olympus

Apex Legends seems to be developing more narrative reasons why maps and Legends are coming into the game. One entire feature of Season Five was the quest feature, which brought us to this very moment in the Apex Legend current story arc. Everything seems to point to a connection between Solace’s King’s Canyon and Psamthe’s Olympus; we are not too sure what.

This narrative focus is one way for Respawn Entertainment to grow Lifeline as a focal character in the next season. Lifeline’s homeworld is Psamthe, meaning she is the Legend with the most prominent cultural connection to Olympus. Perhaps Lifeline’s role in the game will develop Olympus more, and fill in the gap that Season Five has teased?

Also, a map set in Olympus could be a real twist on Apex Legends map design. Both levels out so far in Apex Legends have much more geographical and natural elements to them. In contrast, Olympus seems to be some form of an important city in the Apex Legends lore. This could create room for an urbanized map of sorts. Both Hyper Scape and CoD Warzone are building on more urbanized levels, and perhaps this could be a way for Apex Legends to explore a level design not so much scene before.

Either way, Respawn Entertainment seems to be doubling down on the idea of Ash and Olympus being key to the Apex Legends lore. It won't be a big surprise to see these two do become playable features in the game at some point.  What secrets await on Olympus?  Only time will tell.

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