Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List – Best Characters

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Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List – Best Characters

This Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List covers which are the most powerful Legends this season and who is suffering in the overall meta.

The latest season of Apex Legends is here and this time there aren’t going to be any new characters added in. Instead, developers are focusing on refining and improving the existing roster. The current Apex Legends characters have all had some big changes, with most OP legends lowered and those who are struggling getting a boost up.

The Apex Legends Season 16 tier list shows where each Legend stands. This is roughly how their kit compares. While it will depend on the player’s particular skills, the top Legends here are those with the best kit that give players the best opportunities to win.

S Tier – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

The S Tier characters are the Legends who stand at the very top of their categories in Apex Legends. These are the Legends who have abilities which is by far the top of their section Most of them have remained up here for quite a while, but the latest season has done little to weigh down their abilities. These are the top characters.

Wraith – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Wraith is one of the top picks in the game for sweatier players. The Wraith Apex Legends Season 16 kit lets players be aggressive. Her abilities are built around initiating, when used correctly they let you play in a hyper-aggressive style grabbing loads of kills while still having some safety and backup. Playing as Wraith in Apex Legends also gives you a general speed boost a lot of the time which is one of the best abilities in the whole game. Especially in the right hands.

Wraith won’ be suited to everyone and it’s easy to make a mess of her abilities. However, for a skilled player, she’s definitely one of the top picks on the Apex Legends Season 16 tier list.

Pathfinder – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Pathfinder is another character who has stayed at the top of the tier list for quite a while. He’s a fun robot but his kit in-game is also some of the best. He has the most OP movement mechanics and other bonuses that pay off for high skilled players.

His grapple provides opportunities all over the map to change the way you get around. It’s often seen in insane pop-off moments from creative players. He can also be relied upon to help his team get around with his Ult. On top of that, you get a faster ult recharge with survey beacons. In all, it’s a kit that can make him one of the best characters in the game to pick. You’re relying purely on your fundamentals for combat, but with his tools around that it shouldn’t be a problem.


Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Bloodhound has been one of the most dominant characters in the game for quite a while, and that’s not changed with the Apex Legends Season 16 tier list. The character has some of the highest use rates but also great win rates. There are a few reasons he’s so OP.

The Bloodhound abilities and kit offer better recon tools than anyone else in the game. You're able to track opponents, get locations through walls and generally provide all the intel you could possibly want. You’ll need to play in a specific way with this character, but he’s one of the best choices that can elevate any team.


Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

One of the last top picks in the Apex Legends Season 16 tier list is Gibraltar. He’s a defensive Legend but one with abilities that can make him a bit of a tank.

He essentially has extra health thanks to his shield, he can also deploy a bubble which can block shots in an entire area. His Ultimate is great for turning around a fight. On top of all of this, he takes less damage than other Legends. His entire kit is set up to make you more powerful than anyone else in the game. He’s one of the top Legends available this season.

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A Tier – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

A Tier is just a bit down from the very top of the Apex Legends Season 16 tier list. These characters are still definitely on the stronger side of the game. They’re at the top of their category or only just edged behind characters in the S Tier. Each of these is still going to be a high-level pick in games this season.

Octane – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Octane - Apex Legends Tier list Season 16

Octane doesn’t quite make the highest tier of the Apdx Legends Season 16 tier list, but he’s definitely still towards the top. He’s one of the fastest characters, he has mobility abilities, and he can regenerate health over time. It’s a mixed bag of abilities but one that can make players much more survivable on the map. If you’ve got good fundamentals this can go far.

Valkyrie – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Apex Legends character Valkyrie extends a hand towards a teammate with their squad behind her in a frozen landscape.

Valkyrie has some of the most fun movement mechanisms but they’re also some of the most effective in the game. Her jetpack gives her easier rotation and movement, and her Ultimate also helps you move around much more easily. With AOE tools in her kit too, there’s a lot of variety here. She hasn’t entirely recovered from earlier nerfs but is still on the top end of all Apex Legends characters.


Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Catalyst remains the newest character in Apex thanks to this season’s lack of a new one. She’s got cool abilities that can help you control the movement of players and keep your team safe. These take a bit of practice to get the hang of. You’ll need to master positioning them and the common pitfalls that players have when throwing them down in a panic. If you can though, she is still one of the stronger characters. Few have kit that is comparable to her, so while a more specialist character she definitely has uses.


Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Ash comes in the higher end of the Apex Legends Season 16 tier list thanks to a few key abilities. One of her most simple but effective ones is tracking enemy deaths. This can be some of the best intel available if you communicate and know how to interpret it. On top of that her mobility options should make flanking a breeze. If you’re willing to think creatively in combat, she can be one of the top heroes to play.


Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Lifeline is the dedicated healer for Apex Legends. She’s received a few buffs for the Apex Legends Season 16 tier list. She can revive teammates without a big pause in the action alongside the healing bot which can really help you out. You’ll need to play as a character devoted mainly to support here, so she won’t be the most popular character. However, she has some uses and in the right team comp can go far.

B Tier – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

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The B Tier is a bit further down, not as powerful as those we’ve seen above. There are still plenty of benefits to these Legends. While they might have steep competition in their niche, experienced players can get quite a bit out of them. These are the Legends in this section.

  • Bangalore – Bangalore’s been pretty stable in Apex for quite a while. She has kit which is great for controlling space and moving while in a firefight. She’s a higher-skill character though which can be difficult to get accustomed to.
  • Loba – Loba is useful for getting loot, but that’s not really good enough to make her stand out. She does have other abilities which have utility but lags behind.
  • Vantage – Vantage has a helpful set of kit that can give intel and some extra mobility. Like others in this tier it's less that she’s bad, and more than other Legends are better.
  • Mad Maggie – Mad Maggie has improved a bit this season with the ability to move faster and scan enemies. She has kit to get more kills and faster but is often outdone by other aggressive Legends.
  • Crypto – Crypto has bounced around a bit but has recovered from being one of the worst Legends. He still has abilities like his EMP, but it now has extra uses like scanning for enemies. These upgrades make him better. Not quite a match for Bloodhound though.
  • Wattson – Wattson has improved more recently but it hasn’t quite been enough to take her much higher. Her kit has some easy counters from other players.
  • Newcastle – Newcastle has some abilities involving shields which can be pretty effective. Gibraltar’s tools feel stronger, but Newcastle is a good alternative and still worth putting time into mastering.
  • Horizon – Horizon has some fun movement mechanics and can jump right into the action. The abilities here are great for positioning but don’t really add enough compared to other legends.
  • Seer – Seer hasn’t seen much improvement this season and his abilities have been nerfed down a bit. Even with larger cooldowns, he’ll get some use with the right players though.
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C Tier – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

The C-Tier is quite a bit smaller in the Apex Legends Season 16 Tier list. Thanks to most Legends getting decent changes, there aren’t quite as many that lag behind quite so much. These characters don’t have the same level of abilities as those higher. Most have fairly common counters and are outplayed by others. There are still plenty of opportunities for success with these though, especially with high-skill players. These are the Legends in this section.

  • Revenant – Revenant has some decent abilities focused on stealth. That isn’t really the most important mechanic though, and his Ultimate has some real problems at the moment.
  • Caustic – Caustic’s main tool killer gas which can be used in a creative way. He has had a few problems recently which means he’s definitely lower tier though, like a big hitbox and easy counters.
  • Rampart – Ramparts had some buffs but not really enough to get her over the lower tiers. She has some decent abilities but lacks mobility to really compete.
  • Fuse – Fuse can work well at controlling cones and the flow of enemies. They’re a bit mediocre though with abilities that tie in with some of the weaker parts of combat like grenades.

D Tier – Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

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Mirage is the only Hero down here right now. He’s had some buffs but it hasn’t quite been enough. His duplicates are fairly easy to counter. If you are still devoted to the character though, there are ways to play better as Mirage in Apex Legends Season 16.

Best Apex Legends Hero in Each Class in Season 16

Apex now directly divides characters up into classes, much like Overwatch does. It doesn’t affect Legend selection, but it does mean it’s limiting to double on one category across the board. These are the top characters across the new Legend roles in the game.

Best Assault – Ash

Assault characters with their damage focus might be one of the most popular types of Legends. Ash is just about on top of this category thanks to abilities like one-way teleportation, and being able to see deathboxes on the map to know the locations of enemies.

Best Skirmisher – Pathfinder

Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

Pathfinder stands out as one of the best Apex Legends picks in any category thanks to his high mobility. It’s hard to beat him, even with fierce competition in this category. This is one of the better classes in the game right now though.

Best Recon – Bloodhound

Bloodhound is by far one of the best characters in the entire Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List. His kit gives you the best intel available in the game. Over a lot of seasons, he’s barely been nerfed at all. Instead, it has allowed players to just further develop the meta of playing with him. Bloodhound is a great pick in the recon category.

Best Controller – Catalyst

Catalyst has some of the best kit in the game for controlling the flow of players and games, perfect for this category. The abilities here range from basic barricades and traps to force enemies back, to throwing up your own walls and structures. It’s perfect for controlling the flow of opponents and protecting your team in later parts of the game.

Best Support – Gibraltar

Coming in as more of a defence Legend than strictly support in the sense of healer, Gibraltar is definitely one of the most fun to play in this category. His kit is pretty OP and most will find a lot of use for it. This is a category with different feeling characters though, so a straight comparison isn’t as clear as elsewhere.

Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List – Best Characters
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