Apex Legends: Season 02 Is Live

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Apex Legends: Season 02 Is Live

ESTNN's Phillip Miner takes players through the now-live Apex Legends' Season 02. Be prepared, however; the patch is massive.

Apex Legends fans, be sure to put aside some time for downloading today, as the hotly anticipated Season 02 is upon us. In fact, the download should be live by the time you read this. According to the official Reddit post from developers Respawn Entertainment, they scheduled the 20 GB  download to be available on all platforms around 10 AM PST today.

Apex Legends Season02

In addition to the changes ESTNN already revealed earlier this week, EA and Respawn have disclosed even more content to be expected with the new Battle Pass that comes with Season 02. Among the new types of content are:

  • Music packs, which will allow you to hear different music “during the drop, when you win, and more.”
  • Emotes, which (for now at least) Respawn has confined to the individual characters doing stunts and tricks while dropping onto the playing field.
  • Loading screens, so you have something more interesting to look at while your game is loading.

The Season 02 Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex Coins (about $10) and will be available immediately upon logging into the game (after you finish your update, of course). Even if players don’t buy the Battle Pass, there’s still content which players can earn for free:

  • Hot Rod skin for Wattson
  • Five Apex Packs
  • Season 02 stat trackers for each character
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See you out in Kings Canyon, Legends. Stay frosty and don’t get stepped on by any Leviathans.

Images VIA: Respawn Entertainment

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