Apex Legends Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Apex Legends Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

It’s an excellent time to be an Apex Legends fan. The hype may have died down significantly since Season 1, but Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are set to put the hype machine back in motion for Season 2. A flurry of speculation and guessing surrounds this hotly anticipated update, so we here at ESTNN have compiled a roundup of everything we know so far. Not much has been confirmed about Season 2 yet, but we’ll include both confirmed details and rumors.

Recent Leaks Indicate Better Stat Tracking

A quality of life change many players have been asking for is better tracking of one’s stats. Respawn is set to deliver that in Season 2, according to an announcement on Reddit by Drew McCoy, Lead Producer. He actually wanted to announce it during EA Play, but he forgot. Better late than never, as the old saying goes.

However, some recent data mining suggests the extent of this new stat tracking. Plenty of new types of statistics are being tracked, some of which are believed to help Respawn catch cheaters that Apex Legends’ existing anti-cheat software may miss. Another interesting stat is “wins with no witnesses,” which tracks how many wins a player has with a pre-made squad without letting any of downed opponents be picked up or respawned. This will certainly help the badge completion junkies who just must have every badge.

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Weapon Buffs, Including the Mozambique

Some significant changes are coming to the weapons in Season 2. For instance, every Apex Legends’ player’s most hated gun is actually going to get buffed. The most significant buff to the Mozambique shotgun-pistol is the new hop-up that will be available in the game, called Hammerpoint Rounds. The hop-up, which can be used on the Mozambique and the P2020, increases the damage the weapon does against unarmored targets. The idea is most likely that players will take out the armor of their enemies first, and then switch to the Mozambique or P2020 to quickly take down the newly unarmored target.

Those two guns aren’t the only ones getting special ammo hop-ups. The Alternator and RE-45 will be getting the Disruptor Rounds hop-up, which is designed to take out armor. Maybe players will be able to use one of these guns in tandem with the Hammerpoint hop-up guns to quickly take down opponents. We’ll have to see.

The last major update to the weapons is the addition of a new gold-tier weapon called the L-Star. The L-Star is a light machine gun that fires plasma rounds, which travel slower than regular rounds but cause significantly more damage. Like the Mastiff and Kraber, the L-Star will only be available in care packages during the match.

Potential for Giant Creatures to Show Up

Apex Legends has already seen some new creatures enter the map, in the form of “flyers.” Flyers are those dragon-looking things that scavenge death boxes and which players can shoot down to claim the death boxes for themselves. But that may not be all. Lurking around the edges of the map have been giant creatures called Leviathans, and observant players have noted that these Leviathans have been inching closer and closer to the map with each update. There’s a possibility that Season 2 may see these giants actually encroach onto the playing field. This writer certainly hopes it happens – those Leviathans have been the giant equivalent of Chekhov’s Gun in Apex Legends for too long.

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New Legend – Wattson

A new Legend has been teased for a long time, and Wattson has been confirmed to be the next one. Wattson will be available to purchase and play right when Season 2 launches on July 2. She’s a defensive Legend with abilities that focus on corralling opponents with electric fences and what looks to be an improved version of Gibraltar’s dome for her ultimate. Wattson’s version is bigger, nullifies grenades as well as aerial ordnance, and charges armor of friendly players inside the dome.

Wattson, the new weapons, upgrades and tweaks, and the new stat tracker will all be available when Season 2 officially launches on July 2. Whether or not we’ll see the Leviathans on the map remains a mystery, but there’ll be plenty of new content to bring back old players and attract new ones. We here at ESTNN will keep you updated on the Season 2 shenanigans.

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