Apex Legends Dev Reveals Stats Page for Season 2

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Apex Legends Dev Reveals Stats Page for Season 2

Apex Legends’ Lead Developer, Drew McCoy, revealed that the game will receive a fully fleshed-out stats page for the upcoming Season 2.

After the large Season 2 Reveal at E3 this weekend, Drew McCoy, Apex Legends’ Lead Developer, took to Reddit to tell the community that, in all the craziness, he might have forgotten something. McCoy then announced that Season 2 of Apex Legends would drop will a full stats page.

Currently, in order for a player to view statistics like “Total Kills” and “Total Wins,” they either need to unlock that card for each Legend and break out a calculator or leave the game and use a third-party website like Apex.tracker.gg.

Stats for Days

With McCoy’s reveal, players might not have to go through that hassle much longer. McCoy didn’t specify what kind of stats would be available, but it’s likely that the page would include stats like the ones mentioned above, as well as others. Additionally, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that players could see weapons-specific stats among the more traditional ones.

Caustic S2

Apex Legends’ Season 2 drops on July 2nd and includes a whole host of features, skins, and even a new electrically charged Legend named Wattson. Some players were upset with the way they had to grind out content in Season 1, so Respawn has decided to connect progression with challenges this time around, much like Fortnite. Additionally, the update includes the ability for players to earn crafting metals, fight for daily and weekly challenges, and break out a brand-new weapon, the L-Star.

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