Apex Legends: Respawn Fully Reveals The Trident In A New Gameplay Trailer

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Apex Legends: Respawn Fully Reveals The Trident In A New Gameplay Trailer

Respawn Entertainment showed off a closer look at The Trident Hovercar in the Season 7 Gameplay Trailer.

Respawn Entertainment continues to build momentum for their upcoming Season 7 – Ascension. The developers continue to tease a feature named “The Trident”. The latest Gameplay Trailer now confirms what exactly The Trident is, along with some exciting tricks that players will want to utilize come November 4.

What is the Trident?

After speculating what The Trident is for the last few days, we now know for sure that it is a Hovercar. We at ESTNN were slightly wrong, as we called it a Hoverbike – but who's keeping track?

The Hovercar does contain the features we speculated from the Teaser Trailer. The vehicle has a dedicated driver slot, with players having the option to board the sides of The Trident and open fire on their Olympus opposition.

Although, there is new information on what precisely the Trident can and can’t do. It seems there are clear strengths and weaknesses of the Trident.

Trident Tips

The new Gameplay Trailer revealed that the Trident has unique interactions with specific weapons in the game. For example, Rampart can deploy a Sheila Ultimate on the back of the Trident, making it a super oppressive mobile unit. The benefit of having a Sheila turret on the end of the vehicle is that the back has some cover, only exposing the head of the Sheila operator. In comparison to the sides of The Trident, they lack significant armor, meaning players hanging on the side are more exposed. No doubt Rampart comps are going to have more fun using The Trident.

One of the other big techniques for dealing with an incoming Trident is the Arc Star. The Arc Star is a unique throwable equipment that is great at popping shields on opposing Legends. It seems the Arc Star’s anti-electronic capabilities is getting a new purpose in Season 7. Arc Stars that hit moving Tridents get EMP’d. Players piloting The Trident are going to experience some road rage as their vehicle is forced to a sudden stop.

The Trident also has an access point for deployable abilities from Legends. The front of The Trident has a slot at the front that holds abilities like Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap or Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection. A Caustic trapped Trident could become a battering ram for players camped inside buildings, or a Gibraltar popping cover for his team’s vehicle could be great when caught in vehicle combat.

These interactions certainly make the introduction of a piloted vehicle interesting. No doubt this new feature is going to be interesting when we see crazy mishaps and plays that come with vehicle gameplay come November 4.

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