Apex Legends: Players are Using the New Firing Range Mode in Creative Ways

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Apex Legends: Players are Using the New Firing Range Mode in Creative Ways

Apex Legends players are pushing the Firing Range to its limits.

Apex Legends released the brand new Firing Range mode in patch 3.1. This new game mode is a more advanced version of the Training mode. Players can enter solo or with a squad and test out all the legends, weapons, and items. Target dummies also exist for players to practice on.

The intent of this mode is to give players a chance to practice and work on their skills in a friendly environment without the need to go online and compete with other players. The developers of the game, Respawn Entertainment, certainly expected players to explore and mess around in the Firing Range. The existence of plush “Nessy” dolls around the map is proof of that.

Apex Legends Firing Range

But it is unlikely that Respawn Entertainment foresaw the other creative ways players have been using the Firing Range.

Reddit user u/StarblasterGC used Watson’s tactical ability “Perimeter Security” to connect the electrified fences in a way that when viewed from above, looks like a heart smiling.

In more devious fashion, Reddit user u/Grusader figured out a way to completely crash the server. By using Bangalore’s ultimate ability “Rolling Thunder” in unison with a couple of other players, the server will crash and kick the players back to the main menu.

How to break the server on firing range in 1 simple step from apexlegends


If that isn’t enough, u/imscripted started a trend where players enter the Firing Range in an attempt to hit ludicrous trick shots. u/imscripted used multiple different legends and items to leap, spin and no scope target dummies in style. Words don’t do the shots he hit justice.

I did a thing. from apexlegends

u/imscripted’s clip was just the start. Members of the community sought to outdo him and hit their own innovative trick shots. u/Timothyredx19 came up with the idea of going to the pause menu and swapping legends mid-shot. u/JoshOyen built on this idea, cumulating to the shot hit today that left me speechless when I first saw it.

Added a little twist to u/Timothyredx19's trickshot vid from apexlegends

With patch 3.1 dropping only a week ago, this is likely just the beginning of the unique ways players will find to use the Firing Range. Those of you reading this know just how creative gamers can be when given the freedom of tools such as the Firing Range. With the ideas players have already come up with, it is only a matter of time before even more insane Firing Range screenshots and clips are released.

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