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Apex Legends Patch 3.1 is Live

Apex Legends Patch 3.1

Apex Legends patch 3.1 brings with it a Duos mode along with the new Firing Range.

Apex Legends patch 3.1 dropped today. Most notably comes the release of a limited-time Duos game mode. This mode will be available from November 5th to November 19th. Perhaps the most heavily requested feature since release, Duos will allow teams of two to drop in and compete in the same fashion as the standard Trios mode.

Patch 3.1 brings with it the new Firing Range mode. Here, you can practice playing around with all the weapons, items, and legends. Prior to this new mode, players could enter the Training mode to mess around with different weapons and items. However, players were limited to the standard weapons and could only play solo as the legend Lifeline. In the Firing Range, players may enter solo or with a squad. Players can use any legend and all attachments/hop-ups are also available.

Apex Legends Patch 3.1

Respawn has provided players another avenue for spending their hordes of Legend Tokens. They can now be spent to reroll daily challenges in an attempt to get something easier or better suited for their playstyle. Another player requested feature implemented this patch is the ability to view the ammo type of squadmates equipped weapons. This makes communicating with random teammates easier and lets players know what hop-ups a squadmate may need.

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The rest of the patch notes are largely inconsequential. Quality of life changes, bug fixes and a few small tweaks to weapons and legends make up the bulk of it.

The detailed patch notes can be found here.

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