Apex Legends: New Valkyrie Bug Enables Third-Person Mode

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Apex Legends: New Valkyrie Bug Enables Third-Person Mode

A new Apex Legends bug allows players to enable third-person mode in the game, using Valkyrie’s ultimate.

Reddit user and Apex Legends player u/small_HOUSE discovered the game-changing third-person bug that can be activated using Valkyrie's ult ability, Skyward Dive. In 2020, Apex Legends allowed its players to enter third-person mode. That feature, however, only existed as a limited-time event. There is still an Easter Egg hidden in Firing Range where players can play in third-person camera mode. To date, this is the most straightforward bug in Apex Legends to replicate, besides other glitches that require precise movements. While it is easier to locate enemies via a third-person perspective, opponents can easily spot you via a tether that gets attached to you due to the glitch.

In the video below, Reddit user r/small_HOUSE was about to escape through the doorway located in a house until their Valkyrie teammate flew using her Ult ability. User small HOUSE then stuck to the ceiling and, a moment later, dropped onto the ground, having a third-person view of the game. To activate the bug, players have to hook up to Valkyrie while she uses her ultimate, and stand in a doorway or a loot bin until Valkyrie flies off with her Skyward Dive. Besides enabling a third-person camera, the bug activates a black tether line fixed to Valkyrie, revealing your exact position to the enemy.

You can play this game in third person from apexlegends

Respawn Entertainment and EA Games haven't addressed the bug as yet, and players can travel around in third-person mode until then. This isn’t the first time Apex fans have encountered bugs with Valkyrie, as the last update locked Valkyrie players from accessing their inventory after interacting with a Replicator. With the recent update that bought along a massive input lag for XBOX players, combined with several more glitches and bugs, Apex fans are outraged and have called for a ‘No Apex August' strike.

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