Apex Legends: Halloween Fight Or Fright Event Kicks Off October 22

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Apex Legends: Halloween Fight Or Fright Event Kicks Off October 22

Respawn Entertainment reveals their first look into the Apex Legends Halloween 2020 event, Fight or Fright.

It’s that time of the year again where Apex Legends enters into devilish sights as Halloween comes to visit the galaxy. The new Halloween event titled the Fight or Fright event is scheduled for October 22 – November 3, bringing new challenges, skins, game mode and other Halloween-themed content throughout the period.

Last year’s Shadowfall LTM is back, only this time called Shadow Royale.  The map is going to get a makeover filled with Halloween based aesthetics while playing as the new and improved Shadows that haunt the map when a player dies. Players that become shadows now have the ability to wall run and double jump as if they were playing Titanfall 2. The LTM now has a squad option and solo queue for the mode. Teammates can remain as Shadows as long as their ally remains alive. The final iteration of the game mode is called Final Death, where Shadows stay in the game right until the last player standing. One final note is there is something called a Shadow Prowler, but they are only teased in a trailer, and we are not sure what their purpose is just yet.

Cosmetics for all!

Halloween themed cosmetics are all also inbound. The likes of Caustic’s Clown, Witch Wraith, and more are back in the storefront, albeit with a bit of a recolor for some, along with a few new additions. Since Loba has her first Halloween in Apex Legends, she is getting a skin alongside Rampart, according to leaks for the event.

This should be no surprise really as every holiday event like this every character gets a bit of love. Also, Respawn Entertainment did mention that skins are bound to return to the storefront if they so choose. This is likely to be the last big content drop of Season 6 as Season 7 lurks around the corner. Respawn is already making attempts to hype the new season with a Legend tease. Season cycles normally occur every few months which places the new season release for sometime November.

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