Apex Legends: Limited Edition Voidwalker Wraith Returns, And May Return Again

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Apex Legends: Limited Edition Voidwalker Wraith Returns, And May Return Again

Voidwalker Wraith returns for the Summer of Plunder event, and may return again in another six months.

Apex Legends Summer of Plunder is now underway from July 21 – 28. New cosmetic bundles are entering the game such as Charm packs, exclusive skins along with Apex Packs, and bundles for Legends like Loba. However, another hot ticket item has returned, the Voidwalker Bundle for Wraith.

The Voidwalker Wraith bundle has previously been in the store before, locked behind Voidwalker event in September 2019. This was one of the more popular skins in the game’s short history, and now it is making its return. Wraith is one of the Legends that is core to every team comp in competitive play and is one of the more popular Legends among the player base. With plenty of people missing out, now is another chance for players to get it.

A second chance

But do not stress if you cannot afford that skin as of right now. Respawn Entertainment has said in the past that Event Limited skin purchases can return six months after the event ends. This account holds to be true as here we see the skin returning to our storefronts 10 months after it initially launched. No doubt the popularity of this skin will warrant another return sometime in 2021.

In theory, this means we could see some repeat skins return to our stores. The Halloween, Christmas and other Limited Events skins could come back, and still, leave room for different high-quality skins to release.

Apex Legends fans seem to be disappointed by this, as they feel that their skins may be devalued in some way. Perhaps that’s a fair comment, and maybe there could be some timestamp to show players who have had it the longest on their Wraith profiles in-game. Other games have commemorated their newer fans with a skin variant, like League of Legends re-release of Championship Riven. That title distinguishes the 2016 Championship Riven on the loading screen and in-game mouseover. That is how to tell if someone purchased the re-release or the original skin back in 2013.

This is something to think about as Apex Legends fans look for ownership and validation over their prized purchases.

Image via Respawn Entertainment.

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