All Teams Qualified for VCT 2024: China Kickoff

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All Teams Qualified for VCT 2024: China Kickoff

Here are the 11 teams that will compete in the upcoming VCT 2024: China Kickoff starting on February 2024

In 2023, Valorant introduced regional leagues that determined which teams get to reach Masters and Champions. These tournaments took place in three regions: the Americas, EMEA, and the Pacific. With Valorant’s official release in China, the regional leagues will extend there as well, with 11 of the best teams from the country.

VCT 2024: China Kickoff Teams

Out of all the participants, 10 are partnered teams, while one squad made its way to tier-1 through Ascension.

EDward Gaming

  • Guo “Haodong” Haodong
  • Wan “CHICHOO” Shunzhi
  • Wang “nobody” Senxu
  • Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang
  • Zhang “Smoggy” Zhao
  • Tang “Muggle” Shijun (Coach)
  • Lo “AfteR” Wen-hsin (Substitute)

EDG had an excellent 2023 as their first year competing in global events. After a well-fought battle lost at LOCK//IN, they won FGC Act 2 in China, making way to their first Masters event in Tokyo. There, EDG made waves by securing massive upsets and getting to the Playoffs, where they even eliminated the 2022 Brazilian champions of LOUD.

During Masters Tokyo, Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang, better known as “KangKang,” became a fan-favorite figure and quickly evolved as one of the best Jett players in the world. Champions 2023 is where EDG further solidified itself as not only China’s best but also one of the top rosters in the world. They made it to the Playoffs once again, defeating teams like Giants and Bilibili.

Bilibili Gaming

  • Li “rin” Lewei
  • Wang “whz” Haozhe
  • Zhong “Biank” Jian Fei
  • Liu “Knight” Yuxiang
  • Wang “yosemite” Lei
  • Lu “Levius” Yinzhong (Substitute)
  • Wang “JeXeN” Linxiao (Coach)

Unlike EDG, BLG didn’t get to compete at LOCK//IN and Masters Tokyo. Their first global appearance was at Champions 2023, a spot secured by their performance in the Champions China Qualifier. The squad secured two incredible victories in Los Angeles, defeating NRG twice and eliminating them, causing one of the biggest upsets of 2023. However, their Playoffs run ended quickly.

We haven’t seen much from this squad, but their consecutive victories against NA’s best showed some potential. They seem to have their roster remain unchanged for the 2024 season.

FunPlus Phoenix

  • Zhang “AAAAY” Yang
  • Chang “BerLIN” Po-lin
  • Tang “TZH” Zhehao
  • Liang “Lysoar” Youhao
  • Kale “autumn” Dunne
  • Deng “NaThanD” Senqiao (Coach)

Although FPX enjoyed a pretty good season in Chinese events, they struggled to secure any victories at global events. Their first international appearance (after changing regions from EMEA to China) was at LOCK//IN, where they lost their opening match against Karmine Corp. Later, the group did well in the FGC Invitational 2023 and secured their first Champions spot.

There haven’t been a lot of changes to FPX’s core for the 2024 season, and the only new member is Kale “autumn” Dunne, who replaced Huang “Yuicaw” Yung-chieh.

All Gamers

  • Kang “BeYN” Ha-bin (Loan)
  • miKa (Loan)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

The roster announcement for All Gamers is yet to come through, and this section will be updated once we have more information.

JD Gaming

  • Ji “Faraway” Peiqi
  • Liu “Z1Yan” Zihan
  • Wangjia “jNwOw” Ning
  • Xie “S1mon” Mengxun
  • Simakov “Vici” Ernest
  • Cao “Nearley” Bowen (Substitute)
  • Li “Billyo” Xinyu (Coach)

JD Gaming is one of the newest teams at China Kickoff, as the roster was created in September 2023. This squad only participated in VCT China Evolution and had faced more losses than wins. As a result, the expectations will be low for this organization based in Beijing.

Nova Esports

  • o0oNe
  • PangH
  • 1Ezier
  • cb
  • JL
  • 24K (Coach)

Nova’s 2023 season lacked any significant achievements as they faced continuous losses in regional tournaments. Looking at their performance in events like China Evolution, Champions China Qualifier, and the FGC Invitational, the team will need to pull off big upsets to secure slots in the global scene.

Trace Esports

  • Song “FengF” Xuefeng
  • Luo “Flex1n” Rui
  • Ho “HeiB” Shun-hei
  • Lu “Kai” Zhinan
  • Yip “YoU” Man-ho
  • Zhao “dynamite” Zihao (Substitute)
  • Gu “destroyeR” Jiaming (Coach)

We have not seen Trace Esports in any international tournaments in 2023, but they did participate in several Chinese events. Moreover, they were one of the few teams in the region who defeated EDG, securing the Grand Final in China Evolution Act 2.

Titan Esports Club

  • Li “B1ack” Songtai
  • Piao “Kawaii” Min
  • Li “qiuye” Runtao
  • Wu “Shameless” Hongjie
  • Han “Abo” Bohao (Loan)
  • Chen “ADe” Ziwen (Substitute)
  • Mei “XTian” Zixi (Substitute)
  • Liu “3water” Miao (Coach)

Titan Esports Club is another newer roster formed in October 2023, and they only took part in China Evolution Act 3, showing incredible potential. They enjoyed a decent win streak since the team’s formation and reached the event's Playoffs.


  • An “SORRYMYBAD” Ziwen
  • Zhang “LuoK1ng” Zhanpeng
  • Ding “ninebody” Yi
  • Shi “AakRR” Yekai
  • Cheng “ICE” Wanpeng
  • Sun “slowly” Kelun
  • Zheng “Yiyee” Jiayi (Coach)

While TYLOO mostly faced disappointing losses in regional events, they had a decent performance in the Champions Qualifier, defeating names like FPX and Attacking Soul Esports.

Wolves Esports

  • Yu “12” Yisheng
  • Wang “142” Zilong
  • Chen “Aprcot” Xiangyu
  • Sha “INVINCIBLE” Kaizhe
  • Zhang “zzz9” Ziyang
  • Xie “15D” Zhilin (Coach)

Wolves Esports is also one of the newer squads joining VCT China. The team only played twice in the selection stage of China Evolution Act 2.

Dragon Ranger Gaming

  • Shao “Nicc” Yi-qun
  • Chen “TvirusLuke” Ching
  • Ilya “vo0kashu” Ushakov
  • He “WudiYuChEn” Cai
  • Wei “Dingwei” Ding-wei
  • Zhi Jun “Zeno” Yu
  • Huang “LT” Biaohong (Coach)

Dragon Ranger Gaming is the 11th team at VCT China that made its way to tier 1 through their Ascension victory. At Ascension, the team defeated names like Ninjas In Pyjamas, Attacking Soul Esports and Rare Atom, and they also had a decent performance in an earlier China Evolution tournament.

Roster information for this article was taken from multiple sources, including Liquipedia and VLR.

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All Teams Qualified for VCT 2024: China Kickoff
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