EDward Gaming Secure Playoffs at Champions Debut

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EDward Gaming Secure Playoffs at Champions Debut

EDward Gaming are going to the Playoffs at China’s first appearance at a Champions 

EDward Gaming, the Chinese favorites, have secured their first-ever Playoffs spot at Champions by defeating Giants in Group A’s decider match. This was their second win against the European contenders, and compared to their previous encounter, EDG showed even more dominance in this match. Without a doubt, this is the most successful Chinese roster we have seen so far, and they are roaring on the global stage alongside the best teams in the world.

Dominant Split for EDward Gaming

Split started with EDG looking strong on the attacking side, ending it in a 9-3 half with Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang and Wang “nobody” Senxu dominating the server. Their excellence continued in the second half, as the group secured a 13-6 victory, with KangKang getting an ACS of 316 through 23-11 K-D. He ended the map with one of the best clutches we have seen so far at Champions. 

Fracture Saw the Continuation of EDward Gaming’s Excellence

EDward Gaming Secure Playoffs at Champions Debut against Giants

Credit: Riot Games

The highlight of Fracture was nobody running around the map with sheer confidence, Wan “CHICHOO” Shunzhi dominating the map, and KangKang continuing to amaze us with his Operator skills. CHICHOO secured the MVP title on the second map with 22-8 K-D, grabbing an ACS of 260.

To see who EDG will face in the Playoffs, stay tuned with ESTNN. 

EDward Gaming Secure Playoffs at Champions Debut
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