VALORANT China Will Have a Replay System

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VALORANT China Will Have a Replay System

The replay system developed by WEGAME will be exclusive to China’s VALORANT client

According to Riot Games’ statement at the Shanghai event, VALORANT will have its official release in China on July 12, 2023. This release is accompanied by something that the rest of the VALORANT community has been begging for years – a replay system. 

This replay system is called “Fearless Moment,” and it has been developed by WEGAME, a game portal of Tencent, Riot’s parent company. Fearless Moment will be available only to Chinese VALORANT gamers, allowing players to upload their best moments in the game instantly. 

According to released footage of the replay system, players will be able to deeply analyze their recorded footage and go back to any moment of their ability usage or kills. However, it is not likely to be as in-depth as games like Counter-Strike, where you can replay the whole game from anyone’s perspective. Still, Fearless Moment is supposed to have detailed statistics that can help coaches or analysts, according to Esports Driven

During VALORANT’s three years of being released to the rest of the world, players have been looking forward to an in-game replay system. However, it hasn’t come to reality even after developers claimed it to be coming to the tactical FPS. 

Following the release of WEGAME’s Fearless Moment in China, we may see an in-game replay system for the Riot Games client next year for players all around the globe, many speculated. 

VALORANT China Will Have a Replay System
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