All Diablo 4 Bosses

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All Diablo 4 Bosses

Diablo is a series known for its fearsome and powerful bosses that you have to face in order to continue in the game. Diablo 4 continues this tradition by offering players different types of bosses that can be faced. In this article, we have decided to enclose all Diablo 4 bosses in the same place, dividing them into categories and explaining some details about them that could be more than useful in order not to succumb to the clutches of these fearsome enemies.

Diablo 4 main campaign bosses

The first type of boss we want to talk about in this article is the one related to the bosses that you will have to face during the entire duration of the main campaign. Diablo 4 is a long-lived game divided into a prologue and six acts, which means that there are many main missions to face, and consequently so are the bosses. Obviously, not all missions require facing a boss to complete, but there are many where defeating a powerful boss is mandatory in order to continue. Main story bosses are usually dealt with at the end of an act, but there are some exceptions as well.

Since these are mandatory bosses to be faced with in order to continue with the adventure, they will not be overly complicated to defeat. It is a choice made by the developers to ensure that anyone can fully enjoy the story of Diablo 4. Precisely for this reason, they are introduced by cutscenes that serve to give a clearer idea of their story. Another important thing is that defeating these bosses will often serve to acquire essential items for the main mission, without which it would be impossible to move forward. Since these are story bosses, therefore, it will not be possible to face them more than once with the same character.

As for the boss fight itself, in most cases, this type of boss will be characterized by three different phases, marked with red bars indicated by arrows. Of course, like in any other game, Diablo 4's main campaign bosses also have higher health than standard enemies, but as we have already said before, they do not have a very high difficulty and are simple enough to defeat even without using particular strategies.

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Main campaign bosses are:

  • Andariel, Maiden of Anguish
  • Astaroth
  • Duriel, Lord of Pain
  • Brol, The Tyrant King
  • Elias
  • Lilith
  • Mohlon, Snake Queen
  • Uznu, The Annihilator
  • Amalgam of Rage Gestation
  • Ninsa, Bright of Hatred
  • Karum, Hound of Hatred
  • Genbar, The Shrine Keeper
  • X'fal, The Scarred Baron
  • Vhenard
  • Airidah, Keeper of the Dead
  • Tchort, Herald of Lilith

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Diablo 4 stronghold bosses

Stronghold bosses are a type of boss that players have to face to liberate strongholds. These fortresses are places teeming with enemies and the player's task is to be able to conquer them to transform them into safe places that allow you to unlock side missions, vendors, shortcuts, or dungeons that allow, in turn, to unlock new areas to explore in Diablo 4 game world. These are powerful bosses who, as usual, have a higher life bar than the other enemies and which are differences, for the most part, of as many as four stages to overcome, with the exception of only some of them which instead require only three.

Each fortress has its own final boss that must be defeated in order for it to be freed. The objectives that the players must accomplish to reach the final boss are different from each other, which helps not to make this type of activity monotonous. In fact, each garment is equipped with different characteristics and different patterns, making sure that the fights are not always the same. When players manage to defeat the boss, they will be rewarded with valuable loot that changes according to the difficulty of the fortress. Also in this case, since the fortress will undergo a transformation after the defeat of the boss that protects it, it will not be possible to fight against this type of boss more than once.

Stronghold bosses are as follows:

  • Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor
  • Fionnir, The Mad Druid
  • Tidewitch Ne'gana
  • Molqarth, The Hungerer
  • Utulku, the Voice Below
  • High Priestess Hadar
  • Crusader Champions
  • Dianthus
  • Rashta Reborn
  • Dark Cardinal Maldul
  • Captain Ezmin
  • Duz'agur, Eriman's Bane
  • Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion
  • Negala, Lilith's Chosen
  • Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop

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Diablo 4 dungeon bosses

Dungeon bosses are bosses that players will encounter at the end of each dungeon, though not all dungeons have a final boss to defeat. As with stronghold bosses, the objectives of dungeon bosses are also different. Furthermore, another very important thing to underline is the fact that the dungeons are created in a procedural way, which means that to get to the final boss you don't have to always go down the same path. This is a very important mechanic because it guarantees variety and replayability.

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Precisely for this reason, unlike the bosses of the main campaign and the stronghold ones, dungeon bosses can be faced as many times as we want since the dungeons do not transform into other things but always remain so. As for the difficulty, they vary according to the dungeon and are characterized by fights in four stages, except for some special cases.

Dungeon bosses are:

  • Blood Bishop
  • Bramble
  • Broodguard
  • Chief Marauder
  • Den Mother
  • Drowned Seahag
  • High Council
  • Innes, Vengeance of Glor-han-Fhaidha
  • Khazra Abomination
  • Knight Council
  • Mother's Judgment
  • Outlaw Sharpshooter
  • Resurrected Malice
  • Scourge of the Land
  • Seething Hivemaster
  • Cyhrach the First Born
  • Slither
  • Spiritcaller of Flames
  • Spiritcaller of Frost
  • Spiritcaller of Squalls
  • The Butcher
  • The Curator
  • Tomb Lord

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Diablo 4 world bosses

We have already discussed Diablo 4's world bosses in this article in depth, but we will also discuss them here for completeness. World bosses are extremely powerful bosses to face, this means that they are impossible to defeat alone and therefore, it is necessary that you also get help from other players. The peculiarity of this type of boss lies in the fact that they spawn approximately every six hours and in specific places. If you have already finished your Diablo 4 main adventure, you will receive a notification about half an hour before with the location where the boss will appear, otherwise, you will have to keep track of previous appearances.

The world bosses are completely optional bosses that you don't need to fight if you want to complete the game, but they are a more than interesting addition that is certainly worth taking advantage of. If you are looking for a challenge, these fearsome enemies are certainly for you, although we advise you to prepare an excellent strategy before facing them and not to throw yourself headlong into this type of clash because you will surely be defeated.

World bosses are as follows:

  • Ashava the Pestilent
  • Wandering Death, Death Given Life
  • Avarice, the Gold Cursed

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All Diablo 4 Bosses
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