A List Of All Pals Like Charmander In Palworld

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A List Of All Pals Like Charmander In Palworld

It is no surprise that Palworld is very much like Pokemon, especially the Pals in the game. Hence, here is a list of all pals like Charmander

The latest open-world survival and crafting game that has blessed the gaming world is Palworld and it is gaining a lot of popularity quite quickly, despite being in the early access stage. It is a game based on going out on adventures with your “Pals” who are different types of creatures with various abilities. These Pals have to be caught after fighting them, then trained and labored for fighting with other creatures later on. I know what you are thinking…reminds you of a very popular game, doesn’t it? Yes, we are talking about the beloved franchise, Pokemon! Not only is the gameplay and experience similar to Pokemon, but so are the characters in the games.

One of the most popular and loved characters in Pokemon is none other than Charmander, the adorable fire-type Pokemon. He is known for being a wholesome cinnamon roll who sneezes fire sometimes but is still very adorable. Palworld has a few characters that are similar to our fire-type Pokemon, so, here is a list of all pals like Charmander in Palworld!

All Pals Like Charmander in Palworld

At present, as the game is in early access, there are more updates to come in the future which means more characters or Pals that will be added to the Paldeck. Currently, there are over 100 Pals available in the Paldeck for the early access game. There are nearly 20 Pals in the Flame element type in the Paldeck. Out of them, 4 are very similar to our beloved Charmander from Pokemon. Hence, here are all Pals like Charmander that we could find in Palworld:


  • Paldeck Number: 005
  • Work: Kindling Level 1

The first Pal on our list that we think is a lookalike of Charmander is Foxparks. Just like the name suggests, this Pal is a fox that is of the Flame element type in the game. At present, Foxparks has the partner skill or ability to equip to the player using it and become a flamethrower, known as Huggy Fire! This makes him very similar to Charmander because we all know that this Pokemon also has the ability to breathe fire and serve as a flamethrower. Hence, he is one of all Pals like Charmander in Palworld.


A List Of All Pals Like Charmander In Palworld
Credit: GTX Gaming
  • Paldeck Number: 009
  • Work: Kindling Level 1

Next up on the list is Rooby, another Flame element type of Pal that is a four-legged creature. As of now, not much is known about Rooby except the fact that she likes to eat a lot of charcoal and simply never gets sick of it. Her partner skill or ability is being able to increase the attack damage of other Pals on the team with her player. She is similar to Charmander in the way that she supports her teammates and does the most for her trainer or owner. Hence, she is one of all Pals like Charmander in Palworld.


  • Paldeck Number: 058
  • Work: ???

For the third Pal on the list that is similar to Charmander, we have Pyrin, one of the only mountable Flame element type of Pals in the game. Pyrin is similar to Rooby and Foxparks, but more stronger and bigger. Pyrin has amazing stamina, which makes it a good ride to use while fighting. Pyrin’s partner skill or ability is known as Red Hare, which is its mount ability. She also has the active abilities: Spirit Fire, Fire Blast and Sand Blast, which it uses to ignite all sorts of fire. Hence, it is one of all Pals like Charmander in Palworld.


  • Paldeck Number: 105
  • Work: ???

Last but not least, on today's list we have Faleris who is not exactly similar to Charmander. Instead, Faleris is like a scarier version of Charizard, the first evolutionary state of Charmander as a Pokemon. Faleris is a Flame element type of Pal known for being a “boss Pal” that you have to fight. It is very strong with its partner skill known as “Aerial Mount” which lets you mount the Pal and fly it around wherever you want. Faleris also has the amazing ability to cook, making it one of all Pals like Charmander in Palworld.


In conclusion, Palworld might be very similar to Pokemon but it still is a different and unique game, despite everyone saying that it is Pokemon but with guns. As the game is still in early access, we can only hope that the future updates will bring about more variety in the creatures and new features that we have not seen before. The game is very fun to play and has great potential, so we can only wait and see what it becomes.

Hence, make sure to check out our list of all Pals like Charmander and pick out your favorite Pal to go looking for it today! Also, check out our guide on what Pals are best for beginners in Palworld and stay tuned for more such articles from ESTNN in the future!

A List Of All Pals Like Charmander In Palworld
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