5 Overwatch 2 Heroes That Should Be Reworked

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5 Overwatch 2 Heroes That Should Be Reworked

Here are the Overwatch 2 heroes that should be reworked in the upcoming patch.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 arrived a few weeks ago, and it brought some of the biggest changs to the game. There’s no arguing that this is the most interesting season yet because there are loads of hot heroes you can choose from. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is worth it because some Overwatch 2 heroes are just not that good.

In our article about what we expect from Overwatch 2 Season 7, we’ve briefly mentioned that Sombra and Roadhog are two of the heroes that will expect to see reworks of because they’re just not that good. We will share more information about them in a bit, but there are several ot her Overwatch 2 heroes that should also receive updates, so let’s learn more about each one.


Sombra’s one of the most interesting heroes in Overwatch 2 because she was the best DPS in the game several seasons ago. However, the drastic nerfs have pretty much removed this hero from the game, which is why she hasn’t been popular lately. There were attempts to bring back the hero to the game, but they were unsuccessful.

By the looks of it, Season 7 of OW 2 will change a lot of things about the hero, such as her Translocator ability. Some people think that this will be enough to make Sombra an interesting pick again, but we don’t think this is true.

Considering her damage output, she will most likely need a change to some other other abilities as well. Sombra is a hero that’s hard to play and she only shines in specific combos. However, a potential rework of some of her other abilities may put her back in the game.

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Another of the Overwatch 2 heroes that should be reworked in the future is Cassidy. When talking about reworks, we do not mean that the hero should get all new abilities and animations because the current Cass is pretty strong. However, there’s one problem with the hero – Magnetic Grenade.

After Blizzard realized that this was one of the most broken abilities in the game, they changed it two times. Currently, the Grenade is not that bad, but it’s just not as good as it should be, and using it just doesn’t seem right. Consequently, we wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard decided to change this ability and give Cassidy something new.

Considering the hero’s cowboy lore, it will be interesting to see if Blizzard will add an ability that will go well with it. For example, there could be something with a lasso, but it will probably have to be a channeling ability, which is not ideal for an Overwatch 2 DPS.


Another of the Overwatch 2 Heroes that should be reworked is Widowmaker. She was a pretty hot pick in the last meta after the buffs to her HP, but now that Blizzard removed it in Season 6, the hero is nothing more than a situational pick.

The problem with Widowmaker is that you need to be extremely good with headshots to be successful. People who do not land their shot consistently have little to no impact on the game, which is not good.

Although this Widowmaker model rewards high-skilled players, it hurts casual Overwatch 2 fans who simply avoid playing with the hero. There have been rumors about the potential changes to Widowmaker in the next couple of seasons, so we expect to see them down the road.


If we take a look at the Overwatch 2 Tanks, we can see that most of them are in a good place. In fact, Season 6 allows most of them to shine, depending on the situation, which is good news for everyone tired of using the same heroes over and over again. 

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Sadly, there is one name that’s just not as good as before, and that’s Roadhog. A few seasons ago, this was the hottest hero in the game because he could one-shot all DPS and Supports. The hook combo was so annoying that Blizzard decided to nerf it to the ground, resulting in Roadhog’s “death”.

Nowadays, this is definitely not a hero you want to have in your team unless he’s a top 500 player. There have been rumors about Hog’s potential rework for months now, so we expect to see it really soon. We are yet to see whether Blizzard will decide to modify this ability or change it and add something new, but one thing is certain, Roadhog will be getting something new soon.


The last spot on our list may be controversial to some because Reaper can be a good option in some setups. However, the hero hasn’t been that popular in Overwatch 2, which is why we wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard decides to nerf him.

If you take a look at some Overwatch 2 tips, you can see that most people use this hero when they want to counter a given tank. Orisa dominates Season 6, so you can often find Reaper against her, but apart from this matchup, the hero is just not that good. One of the reasons for it is his negative damage from a longer distance, so this could be na area where Blizzard may decide to step in and buff this hero.

5 Overwatch 2 Heroes That Should Be Reworked
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