100 Thieves Officially Announces Apex Legends Squad

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100 Thieves Officially Announces Apex Legends Squad

100 Thieves has officially announced their Roster in the new battle royale game, Apex Legends.

The organization received over 7,000 applications from players wishing to join the team. As of this morning, 100 Thieves has officially announced their full Apex Legends squad: Connor “Gigz” White, Justin “Teenage” Phipps, and Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik.

Fans of White will already know him for his time on recently-rebranded T1 and his proficiency in Blizzard’s looter-shooter, Destiny. Teenage joined the 100 Thieves brand straight from competitive Overwatch. During his time in Blizzard's IP, he owned the title of number one ranked Widowmaker. Currently, he is tied for the single-game elimination record in Apex Legends.

Finally, 100 Thieves rounded out their roster with former H1Z1 competitor Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik. Lifted is currently in the top 11 in the world for total eliminations, with 10,476 kills. The team now has a full squad of three players. 100 Thieves signed all of these players in late February.

These players already have established communities, but will now play under the 100 Thieves banner. You can view the 100 Thieves announcement video for both their new Fortnite and Apex squads below.

Thieves are all in, Teams stocking up for Apex Legends

It seems as though 100 Thieves’ Founder and CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag is going all in on the battle royale genre, saying, “We want to work with the best players in the world and help them reach new heights in their careers. 100 Thieves is committed long term to battle royale.”

Similarly, Head of 100 Thieves Esports Operations Eric “Muddawg” Sanders noted that battle royale titles create their own content, even outside of tournaments. In a press release from the organization, Sanders had this to say on the on the burgeoning genre:

“I love the competitive nature of Battle Royale (BR) titles. Players are forced to rely on a combination of mechanical skill and increased situational awareness as they have to worry about many teams on the battlefield, unlike traditional shooters where they only have to be concerned with one opposing squad. BR players are some of the best in the world when it comes to adapting to different titles. BR titles also provide the ability to create content while simultaneously competing at the top level. Many of the top streamers on Twitch have found great success from competing in BR titles, and we hope our new additions will find similar success inside and outside of competition.”

The 100 Thieves news comes as many top esports organizations, like NRG and TSM, are recruiting players to play Apex Legends under their banner.

Organizers have found a way to run tournaments

Currently, Apex lacks custom servers or any type of tournament client. There is no way for teams to scrim or compete directly against one another in the same server.

That said, recent Legends tournaments have found a way around this. Events like the recent Twitch Rivals have players play games as they would normally, by simply queuing up for a match. The organizers then total the number of eliminations and wins by each team and move them through the bracket that way, eventually crowing a winner.

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