Yatoro Explains Why Gyrocopter Is Not His Favorite Dota 2 Hero

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Yatoro Explains Why Gyrocopter Is Not His Favorite Dota 2 Hero

Team Spirit star Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk opens up about his reservations with Gyrocopter as a Dota 2 hero

Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, who has a TI winner’s medal in his cabinet, didn't mince words in a recent interview when he referred to Gyrocopter as a “trash hero.” Yatoro's candid criticism revolved around Gyrocopter's perceived shortcomings, particularly his sluggishness, and reliance on a Rapier to secure significant kills.

Yatoro Trashes Gyrocopter: Is He Right?

Yatoro Explains Why Gyrocopter Is Not His Favorite Dota 2 Hero

The Team Spirit carry’s critique suggested that Gyrocopter requires significant farm and itemization to make a substantial impact in a match. Yatoro also pointed out Gyrocopter's vulnerability in team fights due to the common use of Blade Mail and Heart of Tarrasque by mid-lane heroes. This observation highlights how Gyrocopter is prone to taking damage from these items, making it challenging for him to survive in the chaotic environment of team engagements.

Within the ever-evolving Dota landscape, the 7.34c patch has triggered substantial adjustments in item preferences, particularly among the elite echelons of players. One item, Blademail, has experienced a resurgence in popularity, largely attributed to the significant boost it received in the prior 7.32d patch, elevating its damage returned percentage from 80% to 85%.

As a result, top-tier players have harnessed the newfound power of Blademail to sway the outcomes of pivotal fights.

Moreover, it's crucial to emphasize the significance of Heart of Tarrasque in the current Dota meta. This item grants heroes an impressive boost of 1130 extra HP and a consistent 1.6% HP regeneration rate, making those who wield it incredibly sturdy and challenging to take down. The synergy of this substantial health bonus and ongoing regeneration has transformed Heart of Tarrasque-equipped heroes into formidable opponents, causing a shift in the dynamics of battles in their favor.

During the recently concluded DreamLeague Season 21, Gyrocopter, the hero known for his devastating firepower, made his presence felt in a total of 19 matches. However, his performance in these games yielded a win rate of 36.84%, signifying a somewhat mixed track record for the hero throughout the tournament.

Gyrocopter, with his ability to dish out considerable damage in team fights and farm efficiently, is often considered a solid pick by many professional Dota 2 teams. Yet, his win rate in this particular event suggests that the outcomes of matches involving Gyrocopter were somewhat unpredictable, with teams experiencing both success and challenges when fielding this hero.

Yatoro's frank evaluation of Gyrocopter mirrors the sentiments shared by many in the Dota 2 community. The hero's sluggish movement is a glaring issue, making him an easy target for ganks during pivotal team clashes. This mobility deficiency can significantly impede his ability to make meaningful contributions during fights.

Furthermore, Gyrocopter's reliance on acquiring specific items to boost his damage output is a double-edged sword. In the current fast-paced and dynamic meta, waiting for the right items can be a risky gamble. Without the necessary itemization, Gyrocopter struggles to deliver the formidable damage needed to contend with the formidable heroes prevalent in the current Dota 2 landscape.

Not All Pros Share The Same Sentiment, However

Interestingly, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, the globally acclaimed carry player, brings a unique perspective to Gyrocopter. In a recent revelation, the Shopify Rebellion carry unambiguously ranked Gyrocopter among his elite carry heroes, even declaring it as one of his personal favorites.

Arteezy adopts a bold approach when playing Gyrocopter, prioritizing an aggressive style right from the beginning. His primary focus centers on efficient farming and gaining an early-game edge. Notably, Arteezy isn't hesitant to participate in early team confrontations, even if he hasn't completed his ideal item build.

In contrast, Yatoro adopts a more defensive playstyle when navigating the Dota 2 battlefield. His approach is characterized by meticulous farming and a propensity for steering clear of potential threats. Yatoro's strategic inclinations lean toward late-game heroes, those capable of turning the tides and clinching victories in the latter stages of a match. For this reason, he is not a big fan of Gyrocopter.

Yatoro Explains Why Gyrocopter Is Not His Favorite Dota 2 Hero
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