Will Arena Come Back to Fortnite? Older Epic Arena in C4/5

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Will Arena Come Back to Fortnite? Older Epic Arena in C4/5

Will Arena come back to Fortnite? The much-loved mode has been gone for quite a while now, are we expecting it to ever return?

Fortnite Arena mode was the primary way of playing the game for a lot of the FN player base. However, it’s been out of the game for quite a while now. Across most of Chapter 4 we’ve had a different mode in its place. Although, with a different ruleset and some frustrating features, some players might still be wondering will Arena come back to Fortnite?

The game already has a replacement in Ranked. However, with random items enabled here and no tournament ruleset, it doesn’t quite meet some player’s expectations from the older mode. A lot of players still wonder is Arena coming back, and will Fortnite ranked be here forever? It’s a common topic of discussion, and frequently tiktokers and other players like to fake the return of Fortnite Arena for clout.

Despite what some clickbait videos might make it look like, Fortnite Arena isn’t back. Even in the revived Fortnite OG season players can’t head back into Arena. Is there any chance of the game mode actually making a return though?

Will Arena Come Back to Fortnite?

In a word, no.

If you’re wondering is Arena coming back to Fortnite it’s a pretty simple topic, it’s not. Arena was the former ranked version of the game, but it’s now been replaced with something new. Arena mode is essentially the same as the Fortnite ranked mode. If Epic hadn’t of changed the name, it would still exist in the same form as it does now. The changes they made are apparently permanent.

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Will arena come back to fortnite

The game isn’t going to rollback the clock and bring back Fortnite Arena mode. Even with The Fortnite OG update bringing back Chapter 1, the set-up for Ranked hasn’t changed at all. It’s highly unlikely that Epic rolls anything back. The answer to is Arena coming back to Fortnite is no, it seems like it’s gone for good. Although, that doesn’t mean Ranked won’t ever move back towards being more like Arena. The changes between the two could easily be switched back out by Epic at some point in the future.

Fortnite Arena and Ranked Mode Changes

There are some major differences between Arena mode and Ranked mode. While Ranked mode is essentially filling the same purpose as Arena, it isn’t a direct replacement. These are some of the differences and reasons why players are wondering is Arena coming back to Fortnite.

  • Cosmetic Rewards – Epic now gives out free Fortnite cosmetics for which rank you get too.
  • Wider cups – Esports events like the Fortnite Ranked Cups take place across all ranks now, not just the top ones. This would be lost if Arena comes back to Fortnite.
  • No Changes from Pubs – Perhaps the most egregious, the game has the same loot pool and build of pub games, nothing is removed for serious play.
  • Isn’t Played on Tournament Build – The Ranked mode gameplay doesn’t match that used in tournaments. Which makes it hard to practise.
  • Scoring is Different – There’s different and less transparent movement between ranks.
  • Quests – Special ranked quests are available only in Arena mode. These give extra XP and help you work towards rewards.
  • Wider Playlists – More formats and Zero Builds are all included in Fortnite Ranked.

Those are some of the major differences. The biggest of these is probably the ruleset. Epic has decided to put the pubs version of the game in Ranked, instead of the special build we had for Fortnite Arena. Even though tournaments still use their own special build, the games you’ll play in Ranked mode don’t. You’ll find all sorts of wacky weapons still in play for these matches even things not included in tournaments. You’ll just have to keep this in mind if you’re using them to practise for Fortnite Victory Cups or other events.

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Why Is Ranked So Different from Arena?

Will arena come back to fortnite

Ranked Mode has huge changes from Arena. The cosmetics and challenges aren’t really a problem, if anything they give players more incentive to get involved with Ranked Mode. The playlist change is probably the most controversial though, since it’s a frustrating way to do things. This might be the source why people ask will Arena come back to Fortnite.

For Epic’s part, it seems they prefer to have uniformity in Ranked rather than the different loot pools we previously had. This might have something to do with how many people play Arena rather than Pubs not being high enough for their liking. Whatever their reason, it’s made Ranked a bit less useful for serious players, but more accepting to the players who just want the free cosmetics.

If you’re asking is arena coming back to Fortnite, it won’t be back. Fortnite Ranked mode has some major differences that make it less competitive, but the rewards and better ranking system do kind of make up for it. There’s still plenty of space to play Fortnite competitively, you’ll just have to put with a few more random items like Mythics in your mode.

Will Arena Come Back to Fortnite? Older Epic Arena in C4/5
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