What’s the Most Expensive Fortnite Skin?

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What’s the Most Expensive Fortnite Skin?

What’s the most expensive Fortnite skin across all five chapters and every promotion Epic has run in that time?

Fortnite’s item shop has new skins cycled in every single day. Most cost a fairly reasonable amount of V-bucks with some getting a bit higher. Between the collabs in the game and skins only available through purchasing something in the real world, the prices can get pretty up there.

What is the single most expensive Fortnite skin though? Out of everything released over the years, there are loads of standouts. Quite a few have pushed the boat on what you’d think a Fortnite skin could be worth.

The game isn’t pay to win. No skin will help you find the best Fortnite weapons every time you jump into a game. There are skins that’ll catch a lot of attention in lobbies though, especially the most expensive skin in Fortnite.

There are quite a few skins that have ended up as crazy expensive in the past. There are skins that hit new levels for V-Bucks prices in the store. Then, there’s skins that were only bundled with a physical PC or phone. However, out of all of them, what’s the most expensive?

We’ve got a complete list of the top most expensive Fortnite skins in 2024.

What’s the Most Expensive Fortnite Skin?

There are two ways to look at the most expensive skins. It really comes down to what currency we mean. The most expensive Fortnite skin in real-world money, then the most expensive Fortnite skin in V-Bucks.

Real world expensive skins can come as a freebie with games consoles, controllers, sometimes even with expensive components. V-Bucks skins on the other hand tend to have a lower ceiling, but they’ve been climbing up there too.

Thinking about those that are the most expensive on the secondary market, for real world cash, there are some bizarrely expensive Fortnite skins!

Honor Guard – Most Expensive Official Release

What's the most expensive Fortnite skin

The most expensive Fortnite skin from its initial release is Honor Guard. It came free with an Honor View 20. Buying one you’d find a Fortnite redeem code. Type it in and you’ll get your hands on a brand-new Fortnite skin.

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Being only bundled with a $650 piece of machinery, it’s a pricy skin. Especially if you bought it, tossed the hardware, and just kept the code! Even currently on the secondary market, this is more expensive than seems reasonable.

This might be the most expensive skin in Fortnite still, it does have competition though.

Double Helix – Most Expensive Fortntie Skin on Switch

What's the most expensive Fortnite skin

Double Heli is another skin that competes for the most expensive. It came with a Nintendo Switch, going for $300. This one is a bit more reasonable since there’s a quick and easy secondary market to offload the Switch or skin afterward. At $300 it’s still one of the most expensive though, even if you could probably recoup about $280 of that within a day or so of purchase.


What's the most expensive Fortnite skin

Another famously expensive skin is IKONIK, which came with a Samsung Galaxy phone. This phone retailed for $500. The code for the skin currently sits at around $80, so it’s still a pretty expensive pick.

Galaxy – Most Expensive Skin in Fortnite From a Phone

What's the most expensive Fortnite skin

Much like IKONIK, Galaxy is another skin that only came with a phone. Galaxy might not be the most expensive Fortnite skin, but it’s one of the most iconic pricey skins.

Galaxy became pretty famous as a limited-availability skin. Pretty much every Fortnite player has likely heard of it at some point. It’s even received multiple sequel skins.

Since Galaxy has inspired more accessible skins, it’s not quite as remarkable as it once was. The original skin itself is still one of the most expensive Fortnite skins ever made though.


What's the most expensive Fortnite skin

Reflex is a pretty unique case. It’s a Fortnite skin which was the most expensive at one point. However, it went on to be a bit more reasonable over time. The skin originally came with a Graphics Card.

As you can imagine, this made it the most expensive Fortnite skin at the time. Although, you did get a free graphics card when you purchased the skin! Unfortunately for anyone who shelled out for one of the codes, Reflex wasn’t to remain exclusive to the component

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The skin was eventually brought to the item Shop. Players could pick up Reflex for a short time in this way. Although, the skin has since gone missing for more than 1,000 days. Making it one of the rarest Fortnite skins.

Reflex has had a weird journey from exclusive to just missing in the store. It could come back again in the future though.

What’s the Most Expensive Fortnite Skin in V-Bucks?

That’s how expensive all of the skins are in general price, but which skin had the biggest V-bucks price tag? The most expensive item shop Fortnite skin is a bit different. All the skins in the Fortnite item shop tend to be a bit more reasonable, just since you’re only purchasing a skin not getting one with a bigger purchase.

There are still some of these that have gotten pretty high over the years though. Particularly recently. It seems the most expensive skin in Fortnite gets a bit higher in price tag each season. Our most recent new high point came from a recent collab.

Avatar Skins

What's the most expensive Fortnite skin

One of the most expensive Fortnite skins that have come in recently was the Avatar collab. Collab skins have been pretty expensive over the years. But this one took it to another level going as high as 3,000 V-Bucks for a bundle.

V-Bucks have inflated a bit recently. Skins have gone from rarely crossing 2,000 to being regularly quite a bit over. We’ll likely see the most expensive skin in V-Bucks increase quite a bit over the coming years.

Fortnite’s original skins cost less than 1,500 V-Bucks. However, over the years the normal cost has just gotten higher and higher. We do get plenty of chances to unlock skins outside of that though.

The opportunities for free Fortnite skins have only gotten wider lately. Battle Passes are always great ways to get tons of skins for the lowest possible price. We now get passes in Festival too, and even event passes.

All of these are places to get skins without the huge normal V-Buck price. While some of the most expensive Fortnite skins are up there in price, there are lots of opportunities to get skins without that kind of price tag!

What’s the Most Expensive Fortnite Skin?
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