What is Spatial Audio in Valorant and How to Turn It On

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What is Spatial Audio in Valorant and How to Turn It On

Riot Games have launched Spatial Audio in Valorant. This article tells you how to enable it in the game and hear the footsteps all around you in immersive Virtual surround sound.

Spatial Audio is basically virtual surround sound endorsed by third party companies. Spatial audio intends to help players better tp distinguish the sound of the footsteps coming from the right or the left of the screen, or above them. whther the sound of the footsteps are coming from. Its basically another level of immersion to help you hear the game better, but it’s not a way that will sure shot increase your competitive skill level or help you play better. It depends on individual skill or preference to use Spatial audio in the game.

VALORANT never supported spatial audio until now, and is now following the footsteps of big companies like Apple who are incorporating Spatial audio feature into their listening devices like airpods to increase the level of immersion a player can get while consuming their content/or playing a game.

In Patch 8.0, the Speaker Configuration in VALORANT’s audio settings will default to stereo, but you can enjoy all of the features that these spatial audio solutions provide if you choose to opt in by setting the Speaker Configuration to Auto-Detect.

This article will explain to you what spatial audio is, and how to turn it on on your Windows PC and in your game, in VALORANT.

How to Turn on Spatial Audio in Valorant

  • Step 1: Open VALORANT’s audio settings
  • Click on the Speaker Confirguartion Dropdown
  • Change it from Stereo to Auto-Detect, Valorant has setting on Stereo by default, you need to change it once you have it enabled.Screengrab of Audio Settings in Valorant


  • Step 2: Turn on Spatial Audio in your Windows settings. Open the Sound control panel, right click your playback device, choose Properties, and go to the Spatial sound tab. This is where you can turn spatialization software on and select different spatial sound formats.IMG 9377 2

How To Turn Off Spatial Audio in Valorant

  • To turn off 3rd party audio spatialization on your Windows PC you need to 
  • Go to the Sound control panel
  • Right click your playback device,
  • Click on Properties, and go to the Spatial sound tab.
  • Turn off Spatialization Software off from the tab.IMG 9378


  • Now, open VALORANT’s audio settings and change the Speaker Configuration from Auto-Detect to Stereo.IMG 9379 2

How to Ensure Spatial Audio is Working in Valorant – More Details

  • The settings in Valorant’s spatial audio system are set to Stereo by default. Stereo, which is not compatible with the new Spatial Audio feature in Patch uSER’S WU. For tha,Speaker Configuration to Auto-Detect will take full advantage of Spatial Audio.
  • The game also supports top quality audio spatialization on USB-based virtual 7.1 channel headphones. For it to work, ensure you install all of your headphone manufacturer’s audio software and drivers required for this to work correctly.

However, the addition of doesn’t mean the earlier option of having ur ingame audio in HRTF is going away. If HRTF was already active in your VALORANT settings, your settings will not be changed when you log into Patch 8.0.

What if I had HRTF enabled before, but I want to switch to trying another spatial audio software?

  • If you change your VALORANT Speaker Configuration to Auto-Detect and activate Spatial Audio on your computer, the game will enable Spatial Audio and turn off HRTF.

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