What Do the New Medallions do in Fortnite? C5 S2 Location

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What Do the New Medallions do in Fortnite? C5 S2 Location

What do the new medallions do in Fortnite now that the game has shuffled their benefits away from healing, and into an entirely new mechanic.

The new season of Fortnite has tons to offer. If you’re dropping in to find the best weapons in Fortnite though, you might find yourself at a disadvantage even with gold guns. The medallions are back, and they’ve been changed to be more OP than ever.

One of the aspects of the new update Epic didn’t trumpet at launch was the medallion changes. The controversial items have had major adjustments from last season. The Fortnite C5 medallions have ditched the heals entirely, their new powers are even more fun though.

Instead of giving you a blanket heal boost, there’s a unique power for each. If you’re asking what do the new medallions do in Fortnite, there’s a different answer depending on which you pick up.

These new medallion powers vary quite a bit. If you want the best effects, you’ll need to head to the right spot on the map. This is what each of the Fortnite C5 Medallions do.

What Do the New Medallions Do in Fortnite?

what do the new medallions do in Fortnite

The new medallions are similar in a lot of ways to those from last seasons. They give the wearer a unique bonus. However, rather than all having their own bonus. It is different depending on which of the Fortnite Medallions you collect.

Hades’ Medallion

Harbinger Smg Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

This one of the Fortnite C5 medallions is probably the most exciting. It’s a siphon.

This one gives the player who collects it a unique power. Whenever they get a kill, they’ll receive extra shield or HP. This is similar to a mechanic they used to have in Fortnite esports.

On the surface this is the most boring of the new medallions, it’s similar to the old ones Making it specifically a siphon is different though. The healing is instant, and it incentivizes pushing.

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It’s a mechanic which is heavily missed. For one player in each game, you can get the siphon back. It’s definitely going to make the Underworld a popular drop spot this season.

Zeus’ Fortnite Medallions

Zeus Thungerbolt Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

The next medallion’s special power is to give you a faster movement speed. This one is closest to the run’n’gun SMG we’ve previously seen. However, it’s an overall movement boost, not just sprinting.

This is a deceptively useful medallion. If players remember what could be achieved with the accelerant shotgun’s boosts, they’ll see how faster movement can lead to significantly higher kill counts.

This one is a great pick out of the current Fortnite C5 medallions. Even more so when paired with one of the other bonuses. It’s not just sprinting though; you also get an extra-large jump whenever you’re sprinting. Kind of similar to the flowberry fizz and similar recent items.

The special jump will cancel out fall damage. This makes it great for some meme strats to win in Fortnite, like skybasing.

Ares’ Medallion

The most far-out landing spot in FN C5 with a medallion is Brawler’s Battlefield. It’s fairly remote, which might see this medallion left in the storm more often than not. The effect is worth venturing out for though.

This one allows players to deal double damage with long-range weapons. It’s a fairly easy to understand boost. It’s especially useful with the mythic that drops here.

Unlike the others, there isn’t a specific strategy with this medallion. It’s just going to give your overall performance a leg up. It’s the simplest answer to what do the new medallions do in Fortnite, but also the one that you probably won’t notice on an enemy until it’s too late.

Cerberus’ Medallion

Gatekeeper Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Another of the Fortnite C5 medallion with a slightly re-used mechanic is from Cerberus. This one gives you the blink effect. Where you can press a button while jumping to blink forward a few meters.

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This one is the same as the effect you get from green water around the Underworld. The big change is that it’s available all the time. Like the Blink Mag SMG from Chapter 4.

This is another one of the Fortnite medallions which is fantastic for utility. With only one player having this power it’s probably going to result in more players than not forgetting the blink is an option, great for unique positioning in fights.

Where Can You Get the Fortnite C5 Medallions?

Mount olympus Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

The new Medallions this season are all located with the new bosses. Just like last season, you need to defeat a boss of a new POI in Fortnite C5 S2 and secure the medallion that they drop.

These are the spots where you can find the Fortnite C5 medallions.

  • Zeus – Mount Olympus (Speed)
  • Ares – Brawler’s Battleground (Damage)
  • Cerberus – Grim Gate (Dash)
  • Hades – The Underworld (Siphon)

This makes some spots on the map significantly higher powered for dropping in than others. You won’t be able to collect them outside of these fights. There is always the option of tracking down a current wielder though.

What’s the Yellow Circle?

Once you pick up a medallion, your location is revealed to the rest of the map. This is the main trade-off you’ll find for grabbing one.

Just like last season, the circle becomes smaller once you have more than one. Get 3 or more and you’re basically giving away your position. You’ll become public enemy number 1.

Compared to replacing minis last season, what the new medallions do in Fortnite is much more useful. These unique powers all give a different way to play.

Collect all five and most players will have a hard time taking you on. It’s a strategy we might see quite a few players use this season, leveraging increased damage, a siphon, and two movement mechanics to get ahead.

What Do the New Medallions do in Fortnite? C5 S2 Location
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