Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Blackrock Dungeon Week Guide

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Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Blackrock Dungeon Week Guide

Need help with the new weekly event in Warcraft Rumble? Here’s our guide on the Warcraft Rumble Blackrock Dungeon week event.

The Deadmines Dungeon, a recent addition to Warcraft Rumble, offers an exciting and challenging gaming experience. Located under the Events tab in the game, this dungeon introduces players to a series of dynamic levels filled with formidable adversaries and strategic challenges.

To embark on this thrilling adventure, players must equip themselves with a Blackrock faction leader. You have the choice of picking between Rend Blackhand (Tier S) and Drake (Tier A). This will be a good chance to level them up too! Their distinct strengths and abilities influence the strategies that you can employ to overcome the unique challenges posed by each boss and level in the Deadmines.

Warcraft Rumble Blackrock Dungeon Week: What To Expect

Here are all the enemies you’ll face during this week’s Dungeon

Mr. Smite

Defeating Mr. Smite will require you to master control over the Middle Lane. This lane holds a strategic significance, not only acting as a pathway for progress but also serving as a key resource hub. The gold veins located in the Middle Lane become a lifeline, essential for maintaining troop flow and sustaining your offensive capabilities. So try securing control of this central pathway for success against Mr. Smite.

Moving through Mr. Smite's level needs a smart and thoughtful plan. First, focus on controlling the Middle Lane—it has gold veins that are super important for making your troops strong. Find the right balance between getting those gold veins and dealing with enemies on the right lane, especially those pesky Stone hounds. 

Using reliable range units is a big help to beat Mr. Smite's challenges. Place your units wisely to handle the smaller enemies while saving your resources for meeting Stones and Towers. If you can control the Middle Lane and handle changes in the level, it makes it easier to go through Mr. Smite's part and get ready for Cookie and Sneed.

To navigate the challenges presented by Mr. Smite, selecting the appropriate units is crucial. Range units are game changers in all three levels of this battle. They are versatile in handling a diverse array of minions, including harpies, Stone hounds, molten Giants, and more. 

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Deal with these threats quickly by using well-timed spells or safe pilots. Global units are strong contenders because the bosses are not very tough once you start fighting them. Their strength works well against all three bosses, making them a valuable asset in your quest for victory.


Dealing with Cookie's Challenge requires a focus on strategic tower control. Getting all three towers is crucial, not just for their offensive power but also for the strategic advantage they provide to navigate the level effectively.

Timing is everything in Cookie's Challenge. Once you have control of all three towers, a well-timed final push down the remaining lanes is your key to victory. Choose the right moment, especially after the AI spends its gold on a massive horde. This tactic allows you to outmaneuver the horde, reaching the boss before they can threaten your base.

Cookie throws a tough challenge with a massive horde of minis. Dealing with this horde is vital for success. One smart strategy is to give up one tower, diverting the horde down a specific path. Then, strategically push down the remaining lanes, creating an opportunity to bypass the concentrated force and swiftly defeat the boss for a more efficient and strategic victory.

While facing the massive horde head-on is an option, it might slow down your progress. An alternative is clever maneuvering and diversionary tactics. Facing the horde strategically allows you to use their predictable movement patterns, creating controlled and effective confrontations. This ensures steady and well-paced progress through Cookie's Challenge.


The conveyor belt in Sneed's level is super important, making the whole encounter more complex. Its big deal comes from randomly sending out freshly spawned minis, creating an ongoing challenge that needs smart strategy to conquer Sneed's domain. Understanding and navigating this conveyor belt is a must for a successful victory.

To beat the continuous minis on the conveyor belt, you need a smart strategy. Carefully placing whelp eggs, timing Drakes, and using Ren can mess up the freshly spawned enemies. Success depends on messing up their advance and stopping them before they become a problem. Being precise and timing your moves right are crucial in handling the unpredictable nature of the conveyor belt.

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Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Blackrock Dungeon Week Guide
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Using specific units is key to overcoming Sneed's Conveyor Belt challenges. Ren, with both mounted and dismounted moves, can mess up the enemy's advance. The Drake, like Ren when mounted, brings splash damage, while the Earth Elemental can be placed at meeting Stones to control and help with damage. Using these units right ensures a smoother journey through the level.

Timing is everything to beat Sneed efficiently. Burst windows, where the conveyor belt units are briefly cleared, give great moments to focus on Sneed. Coordinated unit deployment and hitting Sneed hard during these windows boosts damage and makes for a quicker takedown. Mastering this timing ensures a win against Sneed and gets you ready for higher levels in the dungeon.

Deadmines Blackrock Dungeon Week Leader Deck

Building a successful deck with a strong leader for the Blackrock Dungeon involves strategic choices. Consider the following leader and units for it:

Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Blackrock Dungeon Week Guide
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Rend Blackhand: This versatile leader boasts both mounted and dismounted traits, offering adaptability in various situations.

Drake or Alternative Flying Units: Ensure aerial dominance with the Drake or other flying units, essential for navigating the challenges posed by different bosses.

Earth Elemental: Strategically deploy the Earth Elemental for control, gaining an advantage in critical moments.

QuilBoar: Utilize the QuilBoar to distract and damage enemies, creating opportunities for smoother progression.

Stonehoof Tauren or Alternative Mid-range Cost Tank: Balance your deck with a reliable mid-range cost tank like the Stonehoof Tauren or a suitable alternative.

Whelp Eggs: Draw attention on the enemy backline with Whelp Eggs, contributing to effective crowd control.

Harpies (Enhanced Abilities): Enhance your gold collection with the Harpies, providing a valuable economic boost.

QuilBoar or Alternative Troop for Damage: Include another damage-assisting troop, such as Quill Boore or a suitable alternative, to bolster your offensive capabilities.

Complete The Weekly Dungeon In No Time 

As you journey through the Blackrock Dungeon, consider making additional tweaks for higher levels. Adapt your deck to the evolving challenges you encounter, ensuring a well-rounded strategy for success. Best of luck in conquering the dungeon this week. We hope this guide helps you level up your blackrock leader in no time! 

Warcraft Rumble Deadmines Blackrock Dungeon Week Guide
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