Sneed Guide For Warcraft Rumble

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Sneed Guide For Warcraft Rumble

If you are looking for a Sneed Guide for Warcraft Rumble, now is the time to get familiar with this fantastic hero. Let’s dive deep and learn more.

Choosing your Warcraft Rumble leader is not an easy thing to do, especially if you want to dominate your opponents. With that said, Sneed is definitely an interesting option because he is a unique leader capable of accumulating a lot of gold. Even though he is in the B-Tier for now, the hero has everything needs to advance to the next level.

This Sneed guide for Warcraft Rumble will reveal that this leader is extremely fun to play. Albeit being outclassed by certain types of opponents, Sneed is an exceptional unit to have, so let’s learn more about him.

Sneed Guide For Warcraft Rumble – Stats

Unlike leaders, such as Jaina Proudmoore, Sneed is a melee unit that is characterized by having a lot of HP and armor. He is a leader that belongs to the Horde and costs 5 gold to use. Even though he is a bit more expensive than other options, he makes up for it by having unique abilities.

The fact that Sneed is more tanky than the rest allows him to soak more damage. He has high armor, which is good news against physical damage setups. On top of that, the hero deals 2x damage against towers, making him a solid pick when you need to push.

  • Area Damage – 360
  • DPS -120
  • Health – 1040
  • Attack Speed – 3
  • Speed – Medium

Warcraft Rumble Sneed Guide – Talents, Leader Ability, and More

Sneed Guide For Warcraft Rumble
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As mentioned, Sneed is a hero who can tank more than others, but he also has a lot of interesting talents and abilities. Starting with the latter, Sneed comes with something called “Sneed Before Greed”. This Warcraft Rumble leader ability allows you to gain 2 gold when a Siege Tower unit opens a chest, destroys a tower or captures a meeting stone. Needless to say, this can help a ton.

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In terms of the Talents, Sneed also includes a couple of options.

  • Land Grab 
  • Lead With Greed
  • Mine is Money, Friend!

Land Grab used to be very solid pick, but at the time of writing this Sneed Warcraft Rumble guide, the talent got nerfed because there is a limit to the number of levels you can get. Lead With Greed can also be a solid option, but ensuring last hits is not easy in this mobile game, which is why a lot of people choose Mine is Money, Friend!.

This talent can do wonders because it will allow you to compete for precious map gold resources much more effectively. Adding the minor trait will help Sneed a lot, and you will be able to benefit from the so-called “snowball” effect, where your deck will keep getting better.

Sneed Guide – Minions and Abilities

We’ve finally reached the chapter of the Sneep Guide for Warcraft Rumble, where we have to discuss the minions you can use alongside this leader. Sneed is a niche leader that will not work in every situation. However, there are instances where he can be a solid pick, so let’s learn more.

The idea here is to have a build that empowers Sneed so you can accumulate more gold. What you will see is units that do a lot of siege damage paired with other flexible units. Although the setup is mainly focused on PvE, you can also use it in PVP and be successful.

  • Goblin Sapper – this unit comes at 2 gold and fits the lineup really well. It allows you to push towers fast, especially if you have a tank to soak up the damage. After all, the Goblin Sapper deals a lot of siege damage.
  • Darkspear Troll – Albeit a bit boring, this unit can be really good when you need to counter flying units. The Darkspear Troll does not do AoE damage, but it focuses on single targets, which can be really good against certain setups.
  • Earth Elemental- Similar to the Darkspear Troll, this unit also costs 3 gold, but its role is different. Instead of focusing on damage, the idea here is to tank as much as possible. Another advantage of having this unit in your deck is that it is Unbound, meaning you can place it anywhere on the map.
  • Huntress – Although this unit is a bit more expensive than the rest, Huntress can be really good. She deals a lot of damage and can quickly deal with a group of enemies stacked together. 
  • Meat Wagon – This is not a unit you see every day, but it is a solid pick to have in this Sneed guide for Warcraft Rumble, Like Hunress, this thing deals good AoE damage, allowing you to sweep through grouped units. Furthermore, Meat Wagon is great for pushing towers because it has more range and can attack them from a distance. This makes it an excellent sieging unit.
  • Frostwolf Shaman – Another thing you can add to the Sneed draft is a Frostwolf Shaman. Even though it costs 4 gold, this unit deals a lot of elemental damage and has the ability to heal. This utility is useful in this draft because it helps other minions from it perform better.
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Sneed in Warcraft Rumble – Conclusion

To be honest, Sneed is one of those leaders in Warcraft Rumble that is probably stronger in the hands of people who know what they are doing. He offers the incredible option to snowball with your gold advantage and win with little to no effort. However, he is a bit harder to play with than others and there are a lot of different things that could go wrong. Therefore, most people new to Warcraft Rumble prefer focusing on other names, such as Rend Blackhand and others.

Sneed Guide For Warcraft Rumble
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