In-Depth Trait Guide In Warcraft Rumble

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In-Depth Trait Guide In Warcraft Rumble

Here’s our in-depth trait guide in Warcraft Rumble. Be better informed when creating your ultimate deck with leaders and minis!

In Warcraft Rumble, traits are like tags that describe each Mini and Leader. They make each one different, showing what they can do or what they're good at. When you're making your deck, you can choose Minis based on these traits.

If you want to focus on attacking Towers, you'll pick Minis with the Siege Specialist trait. If you want a strong deck for pushing ahead, you'll look for Minis with traits like Tank, Healer, or Armored. These traits help you decide which Minis to use for your strategy.

Trait Guide In Warcraft Rumble

Here’s a list of all the traits you'll come across in the game

  • Ambush: This trait enables Minis like the Wargan to unleash a powerful attack, dealing double damage when they strike from stealth. When in stealth mode, signified by a purple glow, these Minis can execute a sudden Ambush, hitting opponents hard as they emerge from invisibility.
  • Armored: Units possessing the Armored trait, such as the Molten Giant, exhibit a sturdy defense against physical damage, reducing it by 50%. These Minis serve as the protective shield, withstanding attacks and minimizing the impact of incoming physical damage.
  • Attack Root: Minis with the Attack Root trait have the ability to immobilize enemies upon attacking them. For instance, the Molten Giant's attack roots enemies, rendering them unable to move for a period, enabling strategic control over opponent units.
  • Attack Stun: Certain Minis have the ability to stun enemies upon attacking them. This trait disrupts the opponent's actions, providing a momentary advantage during battles by immobilizing foes.
  • Bloodlust: Minis exhibiting the Bloodlust trait charge into battle with increased movement and attack speed, denoted by a reddish glow. This enhanced swiftness and strength enable them to engage opponents more effectively.
  • Bombard: Units with the Bombard trait, such as the Bat Rider and Flame Walker, possess the capability to exclusively attack ground-based enemies. These Minis can strategically target ground units, exerting pressure and controlling specific areas of the battlefield.
  • Cannibalize: Minis with the Cannibalize trait, like Ghouls, have the ability to consume residual gold from fallen enemies to regain health. This unique skill allows them to sustain themselves during battles, obtaining health by utilizing enemy resources.
  • Carrion: This trait allows the multiplication of Minis from slain enemies, leading to an increase in numbers during combat. Units with the Carrion trait, such as Vultures, gradually multiply as they secure kills, progressively bolstering their forces.
  • Charge: Minis with the Charge trait possess the ability to dash into battle, swiftly closing the distance when they approach enemies. This skill facilitates their rapid engagement in combat scenarios.
  • Cheap Shot: When Minis possessing the Cheap Shot trait attack from stealth, they stun enemy units. For instance, the Defias Bandits utilize their stealth to surprise enemies with a stunning first attack.
  • Cycle: This trait refers to Minis or cards that cost two or less to play, contributing to a swift rotation of cards. Utilizing these lower-cost cards enables players to cycle through their deck, optimizing strategies for effective pushes and gameplay progression.
  • Dismount: Minis with the Dismount trait dismount from their mount or vehicle upon its destruction. For instance, Ren Blackhand dismounts from the Drake after its demise, continuing the battle on the ground.
  • Elemental: Minis with the Elemental trait, like the Blizzard spell or the Blood Mage, deal elemental damage that is particularly effective against Armored units. These Minis possess the ability to rain down elemental attacks, offering strategic advantages against specific enemy types.
  • Fast: Fast Minis excel at quick movement across the battlefield. They act as agile units, swiftly maneuvering and reinforcing positions, giving players a tactical advantage through their rapid mobility.
  • Frost: Minis with the Frost trait not only deal with frost damage but also possess the ability to reduce enemy movement and attack speed. Opposite to the effects of Bloodlust, Frost slows down opponents, impacting their combat effectiveness.
  • Fury: The Fury trait could denote Minis that possess increased damage or speed when they're low on health or under specific circumstances. These Minis might gain a boost in their offensive capabilities when facing certain conditions.
  • Hatching: Minis with the Hatching trait evolve into a more powerful form upon being attacked. For instance, the Whelp Eggs spawn powerful units after sustaining damage, unleashing a powerful response against opponents.
  • Haunt: Minis with the Haunt trait may have the ability to create lingering effects or additional attacks upon being defeated. These Minis could haunt the battlefield even after their demise, continuing to impact the ongoing battle.
  • Heal Squadmate: Certain Minis possess the ability to heal specific squadmates. For instance, the Mountaineer periodically heals its bear companion, demonstrating a unique trait focused on targeted healing within the game.
  • Healer: Minis with the Healer trait, like the Frostwolf Shaman, is capable of healing any ally on the battlefield. These units play a crucial role in maintaining the health and longevity of other Minis during battles.
  • Hook: The Hook trait is associated with units capable of pulling distant opponents closer. The Abomination Tank demonstrates this trait, using a hook's ability to draw enemies closer, subsequently allowing for more direct engagement and targeted damage.
  • Longshot: The Longshot trait designates Minis with an extended attack range. For instance, Minis like the Meat Wagon are challenging to counter due to their ability to launch long-range attacks, often positioning themselves out of immediate retaliation, making them formidable from a distance.
  • Miner: The Miner trait signifies Minis that specializes in resource gathering, aiding in the management of in-game resources. The Dark Iron Miner, for example, can swiftly gather resources for players, providing a valuable advantage in matches.
  • Percent Damage: Minis or spells possessing the Percent Damage trait deal damage based on a percentage of the target's health. This type of attack, like the Execute spell, can execute formidable damage, especially against high-health enemy units.
  • Poisonous: Minis with the Poisonous trait have the ability to inflict stacking damage over time on opponents. This trait allows them to steadily wear down adversaries, particularly effective against armored units.
  • Possession: Certain Minis exhibit the Possession trait, enabling them to take control of enemy units. For instance, the Banshee can permanently take over an enemy unit, adding it to the player's forces.
  • Rebirth: Minis with the Rebirth trait possess a one-time self-resurrection ability, returning to the battle at 50% health after being defeated. For example, the Earth Elemental showcases this trait, allowing for a second chance in combat.
  • Resistant: Reduces elemental damage by 50%, making units stronger against elemental attacks.
  • Revive: Units with the Revive trait, such as the Corhounds, have the ability to resurrect fallen squadmates, bringing them back to life during battles. The revived Minis rejoin the fight, albeit with reduced health.
  • Siege Damage: Minis with the Siege Damage trait specialize in dealing with increased damage to structures like towers or bosses. Units possessing this trait, such as the Gargoyle, focus solely on attacking these objectives, bypassing other enemies to prioritize siege-related targets.
  • Stealth: The Stealth trait allows Minis to turn invisible to enemies until they either attack or get damaged. This trait enables strategic ambushes and surprise attacks, as Minis can remain hidden until the opportune moment.
  • Summoner: The Summoner trait denotes Minis that can summon additional units to assist them in battle. These Minis contribute to the fight by continuously summoning reinforcements and bolstering their forces during engagements.
  • Tank: Minis with the Tank trait serve as high-health units ideal for absorbing damage and leading the charge in battle. Tanks like the Molten Giant are proficient at soaking up enemy attacks, offering protective support for other units in the deck.
  • Unbound: The Unbound trait signifies Minis that have the ability to be placed anywhere on the battlefield. Safe Pilot and Quill Boar are examples of Minis with the Unbound trait, providing strategic advantages by allowing players to deploy them instantly in critical positions.
  • Vulnerable: The Vulnerable trait subjects a unit to increased elemental damage, dealing twice the normal elemental damage to that specific unit. While not applicable to all types of damage, it poses a vulnerability specifically to elemental attacks, making affected Minis particularly susceptible to this type of damage.
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Summing Up

These traits greatly contribute to the diverse strategies and dynamics within Warcraft Rumble, allowing for varied and tactical gameplay experiences. Each trait influences how Minis interact with one another and provides players with multiple strategic options to explore.

You can also check out the leveling and talents guide for further information.

In-Depth Trait Guide In Warcraft Rumble
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