Version1 Subs Jammyzx For Wippie, All Masters Reykjavik Teams Lock In Rosters

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Version1 Subs Jammyzx For Wippie, All Masters Reykjavik Teams Lock In Rosters

Masters Reykjavik is only weeks away, and as teams lock-in, some players have dropped out.

The first-ever international Valorant event is coming up in a matter of weeks. With 10 excellent teams locked in, the competition is sure to be spicy. From Brazil are Team Vikings and Shark Esports, from the EMEA region we have Team Liquid and Fnatic, and from North America are the Sentinels and Version1. The last remaining four teams are KRU Esports from LATAM, NUTURN from Korea, Crazy Raccoon from Japan, and X10 Esports from SEA. Each of these teams had to grind through numerous tournaments to earn their title as the best in their respective region. Masters 2 is the ultimate test for who is the uncontested king of Valorant in the world.

The off-season of Valorant has been a tumultuous time of roster changes. It seems as though most organizations have been making changes to prepare for Stage 3 of the VCT. Most teams heading to Iceland have locked in their official rosters already, except for one. Early on May 13, Version1 announced that due to COVID-19 complications and visa issues, Maxim “wippie” Shepelev will not be joining the team at LAN. Wippie was initially a substitute after Keven “PLAYER1” Champagne left the team a month before Challengers Finals. Replacing wippie at Iceland will be Jamal “jammyzx” Bangash, previously a competitive Fortnite player and Jett main for Beastcoast.

VCT Masters Reykjavik begins on May 24, but no times or brackets have been announced as of yet. The matches will be broadcasted on Valorant’s official Twitch channel.

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