VCT Stage 3 Masters Is Heading To Berlin

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VCT Stage 3 Masters Is Heading To Berlin

Masters Reykjavik is only a few weeks away, yet Riot has already announced the location for the Stage 3 Masters.

Riot Games announced earlier today that Stage 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour will be heading to Berlin for the international Masters. Taking place from September 9-19 at Verti Music Hall, the event will feature a larger pool of international teams. Masters Reykjavik will be home to 10 teams during Stage 2’s Master event, but Stage 3 Berlin will consist of 16 teams. This will be the third and final Masters Event, which means that the winning team will be heading straight to Valorant Champions, the global finale to an explosive year of Valorant esports.

“We’re excited to continue to break new ground with Masters Reykjavik. In the run-up to the tournament, more than 2,000 teams from around the world participated in qualifying events, the most of any Valorant event to date,” said Whalen Rozelle, Riot’s Sr. Director of Esports.

LAN events are so critical in the esports world, not just to minimize lag and issues, but also as a fan experience. Representing North America at Masters Reykjavik are Sentinels and Version1, for the EMEA region, we have Team Liquid and Fnatic, and in Korea, NUTURN rose to the top. From Japan, Crazy Raccoon will be joining the fray, and from the SEA region, we have X10 Esports. The Brazilian and LATAM Challengers Finals were delayed due to inclement weather, but they will finalize the last three spots for Reykjavik. VCT Stage 2 Masters begins on May 24 and will be six days of the best Valorant in the world.

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