Vanity & Oxy: Rising Stars Join Cloud9 Valorant Roster

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Vanity & Oxy: Rising Stars Join Cloud9 Valorant Roster

Cloud9 adds firepower with the return of Vanity and the newest addition of the talented Oxy, aiming for Valorant supremacy

In a decisive move set to reshape their Valorant lineup, Cloud9 has secured agreements with two formidable players, Anthony “Vanity” Malaspina and Francis “OXY” Hoang. As reported by @anonimotum, these additions bring renewed strength and potential to C9's competitive ambitions, as they seek to make their mark in the fiercely competitive Valorant scene.

Vanity: The Return of a Prodigal Son

The 24-year-old talented first-person shooter esports athlete from the United States, returns to Cloud9 after a previous stint with the organization. Anthony boasts a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly contribute to C9's journey.

His journey includes a notable period with Shopify Rebellion, where his most recent match was against G2 Esports on June 3, 2023. Anthony  has earned a total of $41,500.00 in winnings, a testament to his competitive prowess. His statistics speak volumes about his capabilities, with a current rating of 1.00 from an impressive 6,097 rounds played, and his Average Combat Score (ACS) stands at 188.9.

Oxy: A Rising Star in the Valorant Realm

Francis “OXY” Hoang, born on April 30, 2005, represents the younger generation of Valorant talent. At just 18 years old, Francis has already made a name for himself in the competitive scene. He previously played for G2 Esports and participated in his most recent match against The Guard on June 7, 2023.

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His total winnings stand at $5,791.67, an impressive feat for a player of his age. His current rating of 1.24 stems from a total of 5,861 rounds played. Other notable statistics include an ACS of 260.1 and an ADR of 163.1, reflecting his impact on the game.

Cloud9: Forging a Path to Success

This renowned North American esports organization founded in 2013 is no stranger to success in various esports titles, including Valorant. Their commitment to excellence extends across different competitive landscapes, from League of Legends to Counter-Strike Global Offensive and beyond.

C9's Valorant journey began in April 2020, and they have consistently competed on the international stage. Despite their strong presence, Cloud9 has faced recent challenges, including a fourth-place finish in VCT 2023: Americas League and missing qualification for the World Championship following a loss against Leviatan in the VCT 2023: Americas Last Chance Qualifier.

The Reckoning

With the addition of Anthony and Francis, C9 aims to reinvigorate its Valorant squad and reignite its competitive fire. These signings come at a crucial time as C9 looks to significantly impact the Valorant esports landscape.

Vanity & Oxy: Rising Stars Join Cloud9 Valorant Roster

Fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the synergy between these two talents and their existing teammates, Jakee and Xeppaa. As C9 charts its course for future tournaments and championships, the dynamics of their Valorant team are poised for an exciting evolution. Now the community awaits patiently as C9 unveils its new-look Valorant squad and continues its pursuit of victory on the competitive Valorant stage.

Vanity & Oxy: Rising Stars Join Cloud9 Valorant Roster
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