Rijit Banerjee
Rijit Banerjee
Rijit Banerjee is a freelance esports and gaming journalist who covers games like Fortnite, Valorant and League of Legends. He was formerly associated with Sportskeeda, GG Recon and Gamezo.

Valorant’s Newest Gamemode Replication Teased

Valorant agents Phoenix and Viper engage in a gun fight in an alley against Jett and one other.

You thought Escalation was chaotic? Embrace Replication.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 started with the introduction of Breeze, and players are halfway through the act. The developers are back with a brand new game mode named ‘Replication’ to freshen up the content of the game.

Valorant matches are often very stressful, therefore having fun yet chaotic game modes like Escalation, Spike Rush helps players to blow off some steam and carry on grinding the ranked ladder. Replication will be the newest take on these fun mini-games in Valorant, and by looks of the teaser, it is going to be chaotic for sure.

The community is considering the possibility of Replication being similar to ‘One for All’ in League of Legends. Riot Games have already received great feedback from this game mode, where all the players vote for a champion and they all have the same abilities to initiate fights in the game. It is indeed very chaotic but very fun as scenarios like these are hard to find in hyper-competitive Valorant matches.

The game could adopt a similar pathway and give the opportunity to the players. Players can use the likes of Astra, Jett, or even Breach. The mere possibility of being flashed 24×7 doesn’t seem fun at first for the enemies but it would be interesting to see how this game mode develops in the future.

Replication should be available in future updates for Valorant.

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