Valorant Seasons – Start & End Dates

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Valorant Seasons – Start & End Dates

There are no Valorant seasons because the game uses a slightly different model. Each “Season” is divided into episodes, so let’s learn more about everything.

Valorant is one of those games that quickly became fan favorites. The episode 8 Valorant date is just a few days away, and we already know a lot of things that are about to change. For example, we know that there will be a new gun called Outlaw, but we will wait for it to become available before providing you with a full guide.

Valorant Seasons – Basics

Valorant Seasons - Start & End Dates
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People want to know when is Valorant Episode 8 coming out, and the answer is within a day or two. However, before that, it is important to explain the “season” system used by Riot games.

As mentioned, Valorant does not have seasons like Overwatch 2, for example. Instead, the game releases Episodes, each of which has 3 acts. Usually, these acts are either 2 or 3 months long.

Each Valorant act has its own battle pass, as well as a competitive window. What’s more, people also have access to new guns (such as the Outlaw in the Valorant new act), new agents, m,apos, and more. The idea behind the acts is to allow players to “consume” the new content in a way that allows them to have more fun. This is a very interesting approach and a lot different from most other games.

VALORANT Mobile Name Confirmed By China's Licensing Board

Valorant Seasons Dates

When it comes down to the Valorant Act dates, we’ve decided to prepare a table that contains all of the acts we had so far. So, until you are waiting for the Valorant Episode 8 release date, here is what has happened so far

Episode One: Ignition Starts Ends
Episode 1, Act 1 2 June, 2020 13 August, 2020
Episode 2, Act 2 4 August, 2020 13 October, 2020
Episode 3, Act 3 13 October, 2020 12 January, 2021
Episode Two: Formation
Episode 2, Act 1 12 January, 2021 2 March, 2021
Episode 2, Act 2 2 March, 2021 27 April, 2021
Episode 2, Act 3 27 April, 2021 22 June, 2021
Episode Three: Reflection
Episode 3, Act 1 22 June, 2021 8 September, 2021
Episode 3, Act 2 8 September, 2021 2 November, 2021
Episode 3, Act 3 2 November, 2021 11 January, 2021
Episode Four: Disruption
Episode 4, Act 1 22 June, 2022 23 August, 2022
Episode 4, Act 2 23 August, 2022 17 October, 2022
Episode 4, Act 3 17 October, 2022 10 January, 2023
Episode Five: Dimension
Episode 5, Act 1 22 June, 2022 23 August, 2022
Episode 5, Act 2 23 August, 202 17 October, 2022
Episode 5, Act 3 17 October, 2022 10 January, 2023
Episode Six: Revelation
Episode 6, Act 1 10 January, 2023 6 March, 2023
Episode 6, Act 2 6 March, 2023 25 April, 2023
Episode 6, Act 3 25 April, 2023 26 June, 2023
Episode Seven: Evolution
Episode 7, Act 1 27 June 2023, 29 August, 2023
Episode 7, Act 2 29 August, 2023 31 October, 2023
Episode 7, Act 3 31 October, 2023 9 January, 2024
VALORANT Mobile Name Confirmed By China's Licensing Board


As mentioned, each act is anywhere between 2 or 3 months. However, these rules are not set in stone, so we would not be surprised if Riot decides to make Valorant Act 8 longer or shorter. Considering there will be a new. 

Now that you know when does Valorant act end, let’s learn some details about the new Valorant Act.

Valorant Episode 8

Valorant Seasons - Start & End Dates

Considering that Episode 7, Act 3 ends tomorrow (9 January), this means that Episode 8, Act One should also start tomorrow. We can also see this from the timer you will find in-game related to the Battle Pass.

Besides what we know about the new Episode 8, we do not expect to see that many surprises. There were rumors that the Valorant new act could bring us a new agent. However, we need to remember that Iso became available soon, so it is highly unlikely to see another new agent. We will make sure to provide you with everything you need once the new act becomes available, so don’t forget to follow us for more information.

Valorant Episode 8 will be amazing to play on, and don’t forget that we’ll also see plenty of events on it. Stay tuned for more details., 

Valorant Seasons – Start & End Dates
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