Valorant Patch 7.10 Notes Massively Buff Deadlock’s GravNet

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Valorant Patch 7.10 Notes Massively Buff Deadlock’s GravNet

Valorant Patch 7.10 Notes reveal buffs for Deadlock while including changes to the game’s Team Deathmatch mode, and more.

The latest Valorant Patch adds several buffs to Valorant’s recently released Sentinel Deadlock’s GravNet ability, and also includes changes to Reyna’s Leer and Jett’s creature ability in Team Deathmatch. The new Valorant update also includes a series of bug fixes, and fixes’s Jett’s animation to enhance combat clarity while using the agent.

Players caught in Deadlock’s net would now have to manually remove it, instead of just trying to escape the radius which automatically got rid of the agent’s net. Opponents caught inside the net would have reduced mobility and an increased gravity.

Valorant Patch 7.10 also ships a series of bug fixes and performance improvements while incorporating some Player Behavior updates. The latest set of changes made to Deadlock to boost her popularity and pick-rate, and add more utility to her kit as compared to other popular Sentinels Chamber and Killjoy.

Valorant Patch 7.10 Notes Agent Changes


  • Opponents caught by Deadlock’s GravNet receives an indefinite debuff
  • The time it takes to remove Deadlock’s GravNet has been increased, and it will now take 1.5 seconds for players to get rid of the net, instead of 0.85 seconds.
  • GravNet radius increased by 2 metres. Riot has bumped the radius to 8 metres, instead of 6.

Reyna and Fade are the other two agents slated to receive adjustments in this update, but the changes will only affect their kit in Team Deathmatch mode. On the other hand, Jett receives an animation update to her Bladestorm ability in third person, allowing players and opponents to understand what the agent is up to in-game better. Players would be able to clearly gauge wha


  • Leer (C) cooldown increased from 44s seconds to 51 seconds
  • Reyna’s Empress ability earlier lacked a time constraint, which made her more “overpowered” in the games’ TDM mode. As a result, Riot has increased the charging time for her X ability, and Seize will now charge about 14 percent slower.


  • The Cooldown on her creature ability, Prowler has been reduced from 44 seconds to 36 seconds.
  • (Q) Seize now has a 48 second cooldown, instead of 51 seconds.

Valorant Patch 7.10 Release Date and Time

Valorant Patch 7.10 is slated to arrive on live servers across all regions on Tuesday, November 14. Valorant servers will go down for maintenance before the official patch release, and fans should expect to wait for a downtime of 2 to 4 hours before the update is available.

  • North America: 17:05 UTC
  • Brazil: 17:05 UTC
  • Latin America: 17:06 UTC
  • Asia Pacific: 22:03 UTC
  • Korea: 22:03 UTC
  • Europe: 04:03 UTC (November 15)

The latest update also adds Presets to the stats page in-game while shipping a list of bug-fixes. Reverb now applies correctly to all types of sounds, which include gunshots and footsteps. Fans can check the full list of changes by clicking on the full patch notes article here.

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