Sova Changes, Increased Penalties, and More – Overview of Patch 6.07

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Sova Changes, Increased Penalties, and More – Overview of Patch 6.07

As Valorant rolls out its new patch 6.07, we will see Bind changes, more penalties on AFK and queue dodging, some Sova nerfs and more

Valorant Patch Notes 6.07

Credit: Riot Games

The upcoming 6.07 patch brings minor but effective changes to the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the patch notes.

Bind Updates

Valorant Bind Map Changes Valorant Patch 6.08

Credit: Riot Games

While Bind will return to competitive queues in patch 6.08, Riot Games is already bringing changes to the map in this upcoming patch. Therefore, you can check out the updated map in other game modes such as Swift Play when the patch rolls out.

Sova Nerfs

We will see slight nerfs to Sova’s recon bolt on this patch. Basically, the enemies will be able to shoot the Recon Bolt easier as it will be more prominent in size. Moreover, the scanning VFX will be easier to notice, relieving those who still struggle to find where the ‘dart’ landed. These alterations will not affect lineups. Therefore all those Sova nerds out don’t need to worry too much!

AFK and Queue Dodging Penalties

Players will not face more penalties for repeated Queue Dodging, as they will lose more RR than before if they leave the Agent selection screen. While Riot didn’t give any specific numbers for the RR loss for queue dodging, we are guessing you may start with -3 RR, and the more often you queue dodge, the more RR penalties will be added. So, you may have to pick agents you’re not comfortable with in queues to avoid losing excessive RRs.

On the other hand, people with repeated AFKs can face a one-day competitive ban, and they will receive this penalty sooner than earlier patches. 

UI Changes

Yellow indicators that show you the directions of Reyna’s flash, Skye’s Seekers, Chamber’s Trademark and Killjoy’s Alarmbot are being removed. And similar to Viper’s Snakebite, you will now see a critical damage indicator for KAY/O’s FRAG/ment. 

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Sova Changes, Increased Penalties, and More – Overview of Patch 6.07
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