Valorant New Weapon Outlaw Leaked in a Skin Showcase Video

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Valorant New Weapon Outlaw Leaked in a Skin Showcase Video

Valorant New Weapon Outlaw has appeared in a leaked video from Valorant's Chinese beta build revealing a new mid-tier sniper rifle.

Valorant's Episode 7 Act 3 revealed the addition of a new agent Iso, along with a plethora of other content. Now we have a new weapon on the horizon, the first rifle to be introduced in-game since Valorant's launch back in 2020.

The leaked video showcased the Valiant Skin Bundle in action, and fans were keen to notice a third weapon in the buy menu.

Screengrab of Outlaw in the Valorant game buy menu

The sniper rifle will cost players 2,400 credits, which makes it more expensive than Marshal which costs 900 credits. The Marshal though, for now, remains the most potent budget headshot rifle than this newly leaked mid-tier gun.
If we believe the leaked screengrab, Outlaw would turn out to be the first mid-tier sniper weapon in the game's primary weapon category.

At 2400 credits, Outlaw costs considerably less than the Operator (4200 Credits), which remains the most expensive gun in-game. For what its worth, the addition of a new weapon will massively affect the in-game economy.

Valorant New Weapon Outlaw Release Date

Since the games' inception in 2020, Valorant has had a stable pool of 18 weapons including one melee with no new addition to the pool as of yet. There is no official confirmation from Riot regarding the release date of this weapon, nor has the game developer acknowledged its existence. It, however, remains to be seen whether the weapon would be available for one specific game mode or across all modes of play.

The leaked video from which the above screengrab of the weapon was released has been taken down, and we expect Riot to release more information soon. In the meantime, players can enjoy the new content slated to release with Episode 7 Act 3, scheduled to drop on Tuesday, October 31.

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