VALORANT Mobile Beta’s Tutorial Footage Leaked

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VALORANT Mobile Beta’s Tutorial Footage Leaked

VALORANT Mobile’s beta test has released in China, and the game’s tutorial footage shows Jett helping the newcomers learn the basic mechanics

The Chinese version of VALORANT Mobile is called Project C, and the closed beta stage of the game was released in the country on August 4. While the rest of the world waits for the release of this popular PC FPS title on mobile phones, we already have a first look at the tutorial phase of the game. 

A creator by the name of 弓星sheep published this footage on China’s video-sharing platform Bilibili that shows Jett teaching the new player about the game’s mechanics. 

Right from the start, you can pick the way you want the controls to be mapped out on the screen. While the PC version of the game’s tutorial lets you play in a site-take and post-plant situation, the Mobile beta’s tutorial seems to take place in the training range of the game. However, there is a point where the game briefly explains the weapon loadout and economy.

VALORANT Mobile Global vs China Version

After releasing in June 2020, VALORANT’s popularity skyrocketed, with the game currently holding over 15 million users. After three years of its existence, the FPS title was finally released in China this July, and the country has its own version of the game. As a result, the mobile game may also have two versions – one global and one for China. Considering these factors, the global version’s tutorial may differ from the leaked footage.

The official release date for VALORANT Mobile is yet to be announced, and for now, the beta version is only made for Android. 

VALORANT Mobile Beta’s Tutorial Footage Leaked
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