Valorant in 2024 – What We Expect To See

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Valorant in 2024 – What We Expect To See

Valorant in 2024 will give us access to a lot of things, but let’s see some of the aspects we really wish to see in action.

2023 was an interesting year for Valorant. The game gained a lot of new fans, and it continues to be one of the leading eSports. This is especially true for the female eSports scene, where Valorant is one of the go-to titles and the one that has tons of players.

Speaking of Valorant in 2024, there are a lot of different things we expect to see from Riot Games. Whether they will take place is too early to tell, but let’s go over some of the aspects we should keep a close eye on.

Valorant should be available on new platforms

One thing that Riot Games talked about is bringing Valorant to new platforms. At the time of writing, the game is not available for all of the popular options out there, so we expect this to be among the Valorant in 2024 changes.

Speaking of other platforms, we are talking about console and mobile. To be honest, there are not a lot of console players that will like games like Valorant because, as we’ve seen with Overwatch 2, these games are just not that fun to play with a controller. Fun is probably not the right word here because it is actually more difficult, which makes it less fun. This is the case for Overwatch, and we can only imagine what it will be like for Valorant, which is a game that requires a lot more aiming skills.

Besides consoles, a lot of players also expect to see Valorant for mobile. It is safe to say that this is the more important release because the number of players using mobile devices grows every day. Keep in mind that some of Valorant’s competitors are not available on mobile yet, so if this game becomes accessible on Android and iOS before them, it will gain a lot of new players.

A replay system

Another thing that fans are eager to see when talking about Valorant in 2024 is a reply system. This is something that the community has been interested in for many years but Riot Games is yet to add it to the game.

However, if we take a look at a tweet from June 2023, we can see that Mike from the Valorant team said “We should see replays early next year or later on. They have a working system now”. In other words, we think that this option should become available within a month or so.

Having a replay system is incredibly useful in a lot of situations. You can analyze your gameplay better, use it to follow the best players in action and see what they do, and more. In fact, we think that the replay system will be one of the biggest “buffs” to Valorant since the game’s release. 

New and better agents

Valorant in 2024 - What We Expect To See
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There is no arguing that one of the things people want to see from Valorant in 2024 is at least a couple of new agents. The latter is an integral part of the game and one of the most important things Valorant has to offer, but 2023 was not the best in terms of what we got.

In case you have forgotten, 2023 was when we saw Gekko, Iso, and Deadlock, three agents that were just ot as big as the rest. Besides the fact that these agents were not big on the professional scene, they were not that common when playing ranked matches either. Therefore, we hope that 2024 will give us access to better agents.

We do not have any details about the types of agents or their names yet. Riot Games likes to surprise its fans, so we will make sure to follow everything and let you know when there is something new.

More Tournaments

2023 was full of Valorant events that allowed fans to follow some of the best players in the world. Rior Games has been paying attention to the number of fans and the fact that people like watching the best in action, which is why we think that the Valorant in the 2024 eSport calendar will give us access to even more tournaments.

Speaking of the professional Valorant scene, we already have some information about all teams that qualified for the VCT 2024: China Kickoff, an event that starts this February. Of course, this is just one of the many Valorant tournaments planned for this year, so make sure you follow us for more information about them.

New maps

When talking about the maps in Valorant, some options are a lot more popular than others. In fact, we’ve analyzed some of the best Valorant maps of 2023, and we expect almost all of them to continue to be popular alternatives in 2024. With that said, we also hope that 2024 will give us access to new maps that will be as fun and intriguing as the rest. 

Besides big maps where we can watch the best teams in action, a lot of people also hope that Riot Games will steal a page from Valve and introduce 1v1 maps. Despite the fact that some people may not like those things in Counter-Strike 2, there is no arguing that having 1v1 maps is fun, and it allows players to test their individual skills. Adding something like this will only make Valorant even more popular than it already is.

As for adding new big maps, we can see that Blizzard and Overwatch 2 is doing it all the time, so we expect Riot Games to step up their game. It will be interesting to see everything new the company will come out with, so make sure to follow us for more information. We’ll always provide you with the latest information about Valorant.

Valorant in 2024 – What We Expect To See
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