VALORANT Agent Guide: Sova

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Sova

Sova the scout is an underrated Agent that provides versatility in how you obtain information.

Sova’s toolkit is for those who want to acquire information for their team while risking their own location. Much like Cypher, Sova is one of two information collecting agents in Valorant, but his playstyle is much more aggressive. The Russian agent uses his toolkit to seek out the enemy location and disrupt their positioning.

Sova the Scout

Sova’s first ability is Owl Drone, a gadget that is deployed from his wrist and can be piloted for a short period. The drone flies around the battlefield and collects information on the enemy. The drone can be destroyed but is equipped with a tracking dart that is shot onto an enemy marking their location. There is a battery meter that determines how long Sova can pilot his drone, so using this to peek a corner is common. Many professional Sova players will pilot the drone close to the ground or as high in the air as possible to force the enemy to adjust their crosshair.

Sova’s next two abilities are types of bolts that are shot from his bow. Both of the abilities can be bounced up to two times, and how hard Sova shoots the bolt depends on how long the ability is charged. His first, is his signature ability, Recon Bolt. This sonar arrow will send out continuous pulses and detect anyone who is in line of sight of the bolt. If fast enough, an enemy can destroy the bolt and tuck back into cover without ever being discovered. The second type of bolt that Sova has access to is the Shock Bolt. This bolt erupts in electricity when it makes contact with its final location, damaging any enemy caught in its radius.

An Agent on the Hunt

Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, shoots a single laser beam from his arrow and it has three charges. The beam will cut through walls, marking and slowing any enemy that survives the shot. If Sova can collect information on where the enemy is located, he can use this ultimate to eliminate them or force their hand. The range of the ultimate is fairly long and is useful at displacing snipers and splitting up a team. Teammates can be damaged and killed by Hunter’s Fury, even if they are across the map.

Sova and Cypher have tools that allow them to acquire intel, with Sova taking a more aggressive approach. Sova’s bolts and his Owl Drone make his location fairly obvious, so having a teammate to back you up is crucial. Using recon to spot out the enemy and swinging quickly to take advantage of the panic is a tactic that often yields results. Tempered aggression is the tactic that works best for Sova, altering the flow of battle by scouting out the objective.

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