Valorant Drops Fire & Brimstone in the Latest Gameplay Reveal

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Valorant Drops Fire & Brimstone in the Latest Gameplay Reveal

A new gameplay teaser has been revealed for Valorant Agent Brimstone.

Valorant's newest video, which clocks in at just 33 seconds gives us our first proper look at the game’s tough controller style USA Agent, Brimstone. Using a combination of fire and, well, brimstone you’ll look to take control of the map with Brimstone’s suite of talents and abilities.

Previously Riot Games revealed footage of the knife-wielding assassin, Jett. This time we get a look at the USA Agent, Brimstone. We’ve included his abilities and skills below taken from our full character and ability list preview here.


Brimstone’s main goal is death from above. His main aim to deliver precise attacks and acts as a kind of in-game commander. While we don’t have an official visual of this, we can assume that means he’s extra badass.

  • Incendiary – Throw an incendiary grenade that deploys a damaging field of fire.
  • Stim Beacon – Target a nearby location to call in a Stim Beacon, giving all players near it Rapidfire.
  • Signature Ability: Sky Smoke – Use your map to call in orbital deployment smokescreens that obscure vision. Use your map to target a location.
  • Ultimate: Orbital Strike – Use your map to target a location, launching a devastating orbital strike that pulses for high damage over several seconds.

You can also catch ESTNN's full Valorant video preview below.

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Images via Riot Games.

Valorant Drops Fire & Brimstone in the Latest Gameplay Reveal
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