Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Matches Announced 

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Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Matches Announced 

After over a week of Group Stage matches, here are the Champions 2023 Playoffs' opening encounters

The Group Stage of Champions 2023 has concluded, and Riot Games has announced the initial matches of the Playoffs, where the eight qualified teams will compete to become the best roster in the world. For the first time in Valorant Esports’ history, we have Chinese teams competing in the Playoffs of a Champions tournament, and fantastically, two teams from each of the four regions (Americas, EMEA, Pacific and China) have secured a spot in the Playoffs. 

Here are the opening matches of the Champions 2023 Playoffs –

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Bracket

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Matches

Credit: Riot Games

  • Fnatic vs LOUD

This will surely be one of the most exciting battles of the Playoffs as LOUD will face Fnatic for the second time in their career. The devastating loss at the LOCK//IN Grand Final was the last time the Brazilian met the European stars of Valorant, and they will be planning revenge this time around. On the other hand, Fnatic are continuing their domination at the Champions, looking a league above every other team. Therefore, this is going to be a challenge for LOUD.

  • Paper Rex vs FUT

These two teams have had no previous encounters, and in this battle, Paper Rex will be the favorites as they are the squad with more experience and the potential to reach the Grand Final in Los Angeles. However, the Turkish team has impressed the global crowd by securing the Playoffs on their first Champions event and has the potential to bring a good fight.

  • DRX vs Bilibili Gaming

After shocking the world with their incredible upsets, Bilibili Gaming will find themselves in another challenge as DRX are another group with immense experience. This will be their first encounter with each other, and while DRX are the favorites, the Chinese roster has the momentum to win the game.

  • Evil Geniuses vs EDward Gaming

The most awaited KangKang vs Demon1 battle will occur in this matchup, as EG will meet EDG for the first time. Both of these teams enjoyed unbelievable Cinderella tales this year, and this encounter will settle the debate of who is the better team between the two. As the Masters Tokyo finalist, the North Americans will be the favorites of this game.

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Format

The Playoffs will take place in a double-elimination bracket, where teams losing two games will be eliminated from the event. All the matches, except for the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final will be Best of 3s and the final two series will be Best of 5s. 

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Matches Announced 
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