Valorant CHALLENGERS Gets Year-long Calendar Update

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Valorant CHALLENGERS Gets Year-long Calendar Update

Riot introduces a year-long challengers calendar and cross-tier loans in a recent blog post

Leo Faria, the Global Head of VALORANT Esports at Riot Games, has announced some exciting changes to the VALORANT Challengers ecosystem. In a recent blog post, he shared that the Challengers leagues will now run for a year, with Challengers Ascension moving to September. 

Additionally, affiliate teams will now be allowed to participate, opening up new opportunities for talented players. Finally, the in-game mode Premier will be a new path to pro, allowing players to qualify for Challenger Leagues. These changes will surely make the competitive scene even more thrilling for VALORANT fans worldwide.

Valorant CHALLENGERS Gets Year-long Calendar Update
Credit: Riot Games

The Year-long Challengers Season and Cross-tier Loans

Riot has big plans to extend the duration of the Challengers season, and they're also introducing a new affiliate system! This system will allow for a seamless transition of Challengers players to the international leagues. It's all about giving players more opportunities to compete at the highest level. We can't wait to see what's in store for the future of Valorant Esports!

The Restructured Challengers Calendar

One exciting change announced is the upcoming shift towards a year-round Challengers league. This will involve league play during the tier-one offseason following the Champions event starting in 2024. According to Riot, this new calendar will ensure players have ongoing opportunities to compete and enhance their skills. 

In 2023, the Challengers leagues were a hotbed of competition, attracting a sizeable audience in specific markets. However, some fans and participants of the second-tier VALORANT voiced dissatisfaction with the concise calendar of events. Several teams had already wrapped up their season before June, causing many organizations to drop their rosters with no matches scheduled for the next six months.


In June, the global head of VALORANT esports, Leo Faria, promised that Challengers would have “year-round” competition starting from the 2024 season. Even though the details about the expanded Challengers calendar for 2024 are yet to be fully determined, there’s already something to look forward to. 

The Ascension tournament will now be moved to September after the conclusion of Champions. Riot officials say this move will allow the game to shine even more. It's great to see that the world of esports is constantly evolving and offering more opportunities for players to showcase their skills.

The Newly Introduced Affiliate System

Thanks to Riot's recent decision, partnered teams in the international VCT leagues have been granted permission to establish an affiliate relationship with Challenger League teams. This exciting development allows them to use a brand-new player loan system to exchange players freely. VCT tier-one teams can now call up players from their affiliated Challengers league. This, indeed, is an exciting change of direction.

Currently, the dates and timing for the upcoming changes are still uncertain. Nevertheless, Faria has reassured us that the company will share additional information regarding the modifications shortly. Faria also acknowledged that some alterations may not be well-received, but the company is dedicated to collaborating with the community to enhance and adjust. Therefore, let us remain attentive and anticipate the exciting developments.


Valorant CHALLENGERS Gets Year-long Calendar Update
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