Valorant Announces 2023 Challengers Ascension Format and Venue

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Valorant Announces 2023 Challengers Ascension Format and Venue

Three regions will hold the VCT Ascension event to witness the birth of new franchised teams

Challengers Ascension is the final step for tier-2 teams to become franchised squads and play in VCT international tournaments. Valorant had over twenty Challengers League events this year from North America to Vietnam, and it saw the participation of countless teams. After months of VCL matches, Riot Games has announced the dates, formats and venues for the 2023 Challengers Ascension.

Three Ascension events will give us three teams who can participate in 2024’s VCT League events in their region, allowing them to compete for Masters and Champions next year and cementing their name as a franchised organization. These Ascension games will begin at the end of July, right after Masters Tokyo, and end in July.

Valorant Challengers Ascension by Riot Games

Credit: Riot Games

Here are the details for Challengers Ascension events of each region, as announced by Valorant –

Challengers Ascension – Americas

Dates: June 30 – July 9

Type: LAN

Teams: 6

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

The Ascension event in the Americas will have 6 teams coming from these Challengers League events –

  • VCL North America – 2 teams
  • VCL Brazil – 2 teams
  • VCL LATAM South – 1 team
  • VCL LATAM North – 1 team
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Unlike the EMEA Ascension, the Americas Group Stage will be in LAN servers in Valorant’s Brazil studio starting on June 30. The Playoffs will be in front of a live audience, and the venue is going to be announced soon. 

Challengers Ascension – EMEA

Dates: June 30 – July 4

Type: Online & LAN

Teams: 10

Location: Berlin, Germany

Ascension EMEA will have 10 teams fighting for the Playoffs, 9 of them coming from EMEA Challengers Leagues and one from the Play-In Tournament. Group stages will be online and begin on June 30, and the 3-day-long LAN Playoffs will kick off on July 13 at VCT EMEA Coliseum in Berlin. 

Challengers Ascension – Pacific

Dates: June 28 – July 4

Type: Online & LAN

Teams: 10

Location: Bangkok Thailand

As expected from tournaments happening in Asia, the entirety of the Pacific Ascension will be in front of a live audience, from the Group Stage to the Playoffs. This event will bring together 10 teams from their respected Pacific Challengers Leagues, with the Group Stage starting on June 28. The Playoffs will take place at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), beginning on July 7.

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