Clove is Coming to Valorant as Agent 25

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Clove is Coming to Valorant as Agent 25

Riot Games have revealed the name of the upcoming female Controller, Valorant’s Agent 25 named Clove.

Clove is rumored to be of Scottish descent, if we believe the leaks from reliable sources so far. The upcoming Controller will done a pink jacket, and as a controller agent with abilities that resemble Omen's kit, she will be involved in playing “hife and seek” games, according to what has been revealed so far.

Valorant Agent 25 is slated to be unveiled during the big ticket Valorant event, VCT Masters Madrid.

Agent 25 is rumored to be a controller agent just like Valorant's notorius controller who lurks in the shadows, Omen. Named Clove, Valorant Agent 25 is expected to have her own backstory and lore around the game.

According to  reliable Valorant leaker and dataminer, Riot has revealed a teaser text which gave us information about the new agent, “With a cool and flashy look, her pink-pink clothing and skills attract the attention of any enemy. It will be love at first sight, just like butterflies in your stomach and in your eyes. You will be mesmerized by her friends’ wings. Possibly a controller, her pink smoke will hypnotize you. We should also receive a pink skin pack.”

However, it still remains to be seen whether the new agent will bear the name “Clove” upon release or Riot will change it, calling the current info drop just a “teaser reveal”.

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