Valorant Agent 12, Killjoy, Has Been Leaked By Riot

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Valorant Agent 12, Killjoy, Has Been Leaked By Riot

A new Valorant agent by the name of Killjoy was leaked on Twitter and Reddit after an accidental upload from Riot.

Only a few hours ago, Riot made the mistake of uploading a video to the Valorant website detailing agent 12, aka Killjoy. The video was quickly deleted but not before fans were able to share it on Twitter and Reddit. The official Valorant Twitter posted four teaser photos quickly after, but most had already seen her in action. Despite Riot still trying to get Viper in a comfortable place, Killjoy is looking to be an overpowered addition.

Killjoy Will Do Just That

Killjoy’s first ability, Alarmbot, is a robot that when alerted, will shoot a dart at the enemy and move towards them. It then explodes, making the target susceptible to double damage. The Counter-Strike purists are distraught with Killjoy’s Torbjorn-Esque turret that can be deployed to deal poke damage. Killjoy’s third ability, the Nanoswarm, is a grenade that releases an angry swarm of nanobots to damage the enemy. Killjoy's ultimate, Lockdown, is a deployable beacon that immobilized enemy agents for 8 seconds. All of Killjoy's abilities put the enemy at a disadvantage when attacking. Killjoy could be the go-to pick for locking down a bomb site on defense or after a plant.

There is no indication as to when Killjoy will be announced, but the video was uploaded on accident. Riot has been slowly working to balance the competitive shooter, and Killjoy could become a nightmare if not balanced. There is no doubt that Killjoy will shake up the meta, but like Reyna, Killjoy might not be viable for Ranked play. Knowing that Riot is working to implement new agents into Valorant is exciting. Metas are beginning to form and team compositions play a large tactical role in Valorant's competitive scene.

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