Valorant ACT III Confirms New Map and Agent on the Way

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Valorant ACT III Confirms New Map and Agent on the Way

Valorant Act III will kick off on Oct. 13 with patch 1.10, bringing a new map, quality of life changes, new gun skins, and eventually a new agent.

Next week, patch 1.10 will be live on the Valorant servers initiating Act III for the tactical shooter. A majority of the changes in this patch are focused on implementing competitive changes and adding Icebox to the map pool. Icebox is an abandoned research center in the tundra of Russia. The video reveal of Icebox released on Monday and the new map appears to feature plenty of high ground split up by cargo crates and ziplines. No official layout of the map has been released, but from the trailer, it is looking to be a large one.

The developers are more than fully aware of the aches that plague competitive Valorant. Up until a month ago, the Operator was an uncontested nightmare in the hands of an adequate Jett. The price was increased in addition to a few other nerfs, and on Oct. 13, we will have more quality of life changes. Rank queue has been lowered from a 6 tier difference to a 3 tier difference, closing the skill gap in competitive matches. Players are now able to select the server they want to play from to improve ping during matches. Immortal rankings are now determined purely by wins and losses forcing players at the highest tier to work together instead of focusing on personal performance.

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In Act III, a new agent will be joining Valorant on Oct. 27, and her name is Skye. Only a few hours after teasing the red-haired agent, a video appeared showcasing her skill set. The new agent will have an AoE healing ability, a flash in the form of a bird, a bundle of enemy seeking orbs, and an ethereal Tasmanian tiger to hunt down the enemy.

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