Valorant: A New Gamemode is Coming

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Valorant: A New Gamemode is Coming

According to a leak, players will have to take points in order to win.

Players of Valorant have been asking for a new gamemode for a while now. And it seems like Riot Games will deliver one shortly. According to leak account ValorLeaks, the developers have been working on a mode in which the teams will have to capture points, and the side with the highest score will win.
The new Valorant agent, Neon, featuring her sprinting ahead of the other Valorant agents


According to ValorLeaks the mode will most likely be similar to Capture the Flag and Control from well known shooters such as Halo or Call of Duty. A bit unusual for a tactical shooter such as Valorant. The former two are more arcade-y in style; which means that the quick rotations between the points and the constant respawns give a more fluid gameplay experience. While Valorant can be fast; especially after the addition of Neon to the roster. it’s fundamentals are very different from CoD or Halo. The gamemode could be a huge success though. Even if it’s just a casual experience and shouldn’t be received with the competitive side of the game in mind. It might be a lot harder to balance, but that is really not an issue — not everything has to be an esport!

Right now, there is no information about the details of the new mode or the release date. But it's a safe bet to say we'll be seeing it by the next Episode  at the latest.

Valorant: A New Gamemode is Coming
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