Unlocking And Mastering The Stealth Build: Starfield Guide

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Unlocking And Mastering The Stealth Build: Starfield Guide

Unlock the secrets of stealth and master the stealth build with our detailed and thorough Starfield Guide

Stealth is an invaluable skill in Starfield, allowing you to navigate the vast universe undetected, complete covert missions, and take down enemies with precision. This guide will provide a thorough understanding of how to unlock, use, and excel in the art of stealth in Starfield.

Unlocking Stealth – Starfield Stealth Build

Unlocking And Mastering The Stealth Build: Starfield Guide
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To embark on your journey as a master of stealth in Starfield, you must first unlock this essential skill. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned explorer, here's a detailed guide on how to unlock Stealth:

Character Backgrounds

Starfield offers various character backgrounds that cater to different playstyles. If you're eager to embrace the path of stealth from the beginning, consider selecting the Cyber Runner or Ronin backgrounds. These backgrounds provide immediate access to the Stealth Skill Tree, allowing you to start your journey as a stealthy character.

Skill Point Allocation

As you progress through the game, you'll earn Skill Points that you can allocate to various skills. To unlock the Stealth skill, invest your first Skill Point into the Stealth Skill Tree (Physical Skill). This decision introduces a Stealth meter to your screen whenever you crouch, signifying your entry into the world of stealth.

Understanding the Stealth Meter

Unlocking And Mastering The Stealth Build: Starfield Guide
Credit: deltiasgaming

The Stealth meter in Starfield serves as your primary tool for gauging your visibility to enemies. To use it effectively, it's essential to categorize its various states and understand their implications:

  • Hidden (White): When your Stealth meter is completely white and labeled “HIDDEN,” you have achieved complete concealment. In this state, you are invisible to all nearby entities, making it impossible for anyone to detect your presence. This is your ultimate stealth mode, allowing you to move undetected.
  • Hidden (Green): A green Stealth meter indicates that you are still hidden from view, but there's a slight chance that non-hostile characters might notice your presence. This state suggests cautious maneuvering is required to avoid arousing suspicion among non-hostile NPCs.
  • Hidden (Orange): An orange Stealth meter signifies that you are hidden but at a higher risk of being detected by hostile enemies. While your concealment remains intact, you must exercise extreme caution when moving in the vicinity of potential threats.
  • Detected (Green): If your Stealth meter turns green with the label “Detected,” you have become noticeable to non-hostile individuals. While you may not be in immediate danger, your presence has been acknowledged, and NPCs may react accordingly.
  • Detected (Orange): An orange Stealth meter indicates that potentially hostile enemies have spotted you. They are aware of your presence and are on high alert. Be prepared for confrontations as they may engage in combat.
  • Caution (Orange): The caution state signifies that you are approaching hostile enemies who are becoming increasingly suspicious of your presence. This is a critical moment where you must tread carefully to avoid escalating the situation into combat.
  • Danger (Red): When the Stealth meter turns bright red and displays “Danger,” you have been detected, and combat with hostile enemies is imminent. Prepare for a fight as enemies are fully aware of your presence and will engage you.
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Leveling Up Your Stealth Skills

Unlocking And Mastering The Stealth Build: Starfield Guide
Credit: deltiasgaming

As you progress through Starfield, you can rank up your Stealth skill, enhancing your stealth abilities and combat effectiveness. Each rank brings unique benefits, and here's a detailed breakdown of what you can expect at each level:

Rank 1 (Novice)

Upon reaching Rank 1 in the Stealth skill, you will unlock the Stealth meter, providing a visual indicator of your stealth status. In addition, you become 25% more challenging to detect while sneaking, making it harder for enemies to spot you. Suppressed weapons also gain a 5% bonus to sneak attack damage. Achieve this rank by performing 10 sneak attacks.

Rank 2 (Proficient)

At Rank 2, your Stealth meter undergoes an upgrade, becoming even more effective. You are now 50% more difficult to detect while sneaking, further enhancing your ability to remain hidden. Additionally, suppressed weapons receive a 10% boost to sneak attack damage. To attain this rank, successfully perform 20 sneak attacks.

Rank 3 (Expert)

Progressing to Rank 3 takes your stealth capabilities to a higher level. You become 75% more challenging to detect when sneaking, granting you a significant advantage in staying concealed. Suppressed weapons now deal an additional 15% sneak attack damage, increasing your combat efficiency. Achieve this rank by performing 40 sneak attacks.

Rank 4 (Master)

Upon reaching Rank 4, you achieve near-invisibility while sneaking, as you are now 100% harder to detect by enemies. Suppressed weapons receive the maximum boost of 20% to sneak attack damage, ensuring your attacks are devastating. Moreover, you gain the ability to interact with doors while in stealth without alerting enemies. This rank represents the pinnacle of stealth mastery.

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Using Stealth in Combat

Stealth in combat is a valuable asset. Here's how to effectively employ stealth during combat situations:

  • Approach Undetected: Begin by crouching outside of combat to activate the “HIDDEN” status. This triggers the Stealth and Concealment skills, increasing your damage output.
  • Choose Suppressed Weapons: To remain concealed while engaging in combat, opt for suppressed weapons. These weapons not only deal more damage but also keep you hidden from nearby enemies.
  • Sniping: High-precision shooting is key to stealth combat. Use sniper rifles with scopes for long-range encounters. Steady your aim and utilize your Oxygen as a resource for improved accuracy. Invest in the Sniper Certification skill from the Combat tree for enhanced performance with scoped weapons.
  • Suppressor Weapon Mods: If you enter combat with a standard weapon from stealth, you risk alerting nearby enemies. Ensure your weapons are equipped with suppressors to maintain stealth during combat. You can find or craft suppressors in the game.
  • Consider Your Oxygen: When sniping, be mindful of your Oxygen levels. The longer you aim, the more CO2 you build up. High Oxygen capacity is crucial for snipers.

Best Backgrounds and Builds for Stealth – Summary

When creating your character, you can optimize your build for stealth by choosing specific backgrounds and builds. Here are some recommendations:

  • Best Backgrounds for Stealth: If you prioritize stealth, consider selecting the Cyber Runner or Ronin backgrounds, both of which grant the Stealth skill. However, you can unlock Stealth regardless of your background as you level up and earn skill points.
  • Sniper Build: For long-range stealth and precision, create a Sniper build. Invest in skills like Ballistics, Sharpshooting, and Marksman to maximize your ranged damage output.
  • Stealth Build: Focus on enhancing your stealth abilities by investing in Stealth and Concealment. Combine this with the use of suppressed weapons for a potent stealth build.

Stealth in Space

Stealth is not limited to ground combat; you can also employ it in space. To avoid detection by enemy ships, follow these steps:

  • Reduce your ship's system power by powering down all non-essential systems.
  • Allocate minimal energy to your engines for basic propulsion.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other ships, especially in areas with potential threats like the Crimson Fleet.

By mastering the art of stealth in Starfield, you'll become a formidable force in the universe, capable of accomplishing missions and objectives with finesse and precision.

Unlocking And Mastering The Stealth Build: Starfield Guide
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