10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield

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10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield

Here are 10 interesting things you can do to ensure your Starfield journey continues with newfound appeal and enjoyment

The long-awaited release of Starfield has sent players on a cosmic adventure of epic proportions. Bethesda Game Studios, renowned for their captivating worlds and immersive gameplay, has once again delivered a gaming experience that transcends boundaries.

As players journey through the universe, mastering starship combat, uncovering deep lore, and forging alliances, the question arises: What lies beyond the final quest? In this article, we'll delve into the intriguing possibilities of what you can do after beating Starfield, ensuring your journey among the stars remains as thrilling as ever.

10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield

Here is our list of 10 things you can do to ensure your Starfield journey does not end too soon.

Experience New Game Plus in Starfield

In Starfield, the adventure doesn't end after the final mission. New Game Plus is seamlessly integrated into the campaign, offering an exciting and fresh experience. To access it, complete the Revelations final mission. You'll face a pivotal choice: enter the Unity sphere for a new journey as a Starborn in an alternate universe or continue exploring the main universe.

New Game Plus retains your traits, skills, and powers, but you lose items, ships, outposts, credits, and planetary data. In return, you gain a Starborn ship, the Starborn Spacesuit Astra, and a chance to discover improved spacesuits. Focus on unlocking every skill and power to expand your character's potential.

Exploring Different Romance Options

While romancing multiple companions is possible, it requires eventual commitment. Meet the romance options:

  1. Sarah Morgan: Compassionate leader of Constellation, solving mysteries of Artifacts. To win her heart, be empathetic and uphold lawful activities.
  2. Sam Coe: Dedicated Freestar Collective member, championing justice and moral values. Align with his principles to win his affection.
  3. Barrett: Easygoing Constellation member who doesn't mind minor thefts but values kindness. On morally ambiguous quests, consider leaving him behind.
  4. Andreja: Introduced mysteriously through the main mission, values honesty and aiding the innocent. To ignite her affection, ensure honesty and avoid unwarranted harm.
10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield
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In New Game Plus, previous romances don't carry over, allowing exploration of diverse romantic paths or choosing new companions without creating a new character. Starfield's post-game romances offer depth and variety, ensuring each playthrough is a unique love odyssey.

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Try for 100% Completion

Starfield boast a plethora of side quests you'll stumble upon while exploring New Atlantis or overhearing NPC conversations. For completionists, staying in your initial universe after completing the main story is wise, as subsequent playthroughs may not match its side content progress.

With numerous factions to join and countless quests across Settled Systems, achieving 100% completion is a formidable task. Starfield's side quests promise a universe of surprises and stories beyond the main narrative, ensuring your adventure continues long after the credits roll.

Forge the Ultimate Starship

The ship-building system, while initially daunting, is quite captivating. It prevents mistakes and even offers undo and restart options, allowing you to create intricate vessels with functional and aesthetic parts. For non-builders, tutorials guide you through whimsical or practical designs. There's even an AI-defying scorpion ship.

Collecting ships is another post-game adventure. Acquire them in cities, quests, or the Settled Systems. You will need a diverse fleet to master Starfield, so embark on a post-game journey to forge the ultimate starship.

Master All Your  Skills and Level to 100

Level 100 is a remarkable milestone, but the level cap extends beyond it. Achieving Level 100 earns you the “Reach for the Stars” achievement, worth 1000 gamerscore points. Starfield offers a wide range of skills, some based on your chosen playstyle. Expanding your skillset empowers mastery of every aspect of the game.

10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield
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Returning for a New Game+ adventure allows you to accumulate more experience and levels, refining skills you may have only dabbled in initially. This progression extends to Starborn powers, with potential improvements through multiple discoveries. Embrace the challenge of leveling up, unlocking every skill, and harnessing Starborn powers to become the most formidable Starborn in the universe.

Complete All Faction Quests

Starfield features five major factions, each with unique stories and missions. Constellation is the central faction driving the main storyline, while Ryujin Industries, UC Vanguard, Freestar Rangers, and Crimson Fleet offer intriguing side quests that enrich the game's depth.

10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield
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By immersing yourself in these faction quests, you'll uncover more layers of Starfield's universe. While joining multiple factions is possible, managing their intricate questlines as they near completion can be challenging.

Explore the Vast Galaxy

Explore the vast galaxy with over 100 distinct star systems, each holding unique secrets. Push your ship's limits to journey into uncharted space, face space pirates, and engage with locals for new adventures. Hunt for scattered magazines to recruit new companions. With numerous outposts, there's always work and stories to uncover.

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The game features numerous planets with unique landscapes and resources, with Bethesda's promise of over a thousand planets to explore. Explore high-level star systems at the galaxy's edge for rare discoveries. Exploring all of them isn't necessary, but it unlocks achievements and solidifies your legacy in Starfield's cosmos.

Establish Your Galactic Empire

Acquire and expand your property holdings from the various properties for purchase; from apartments to luxurious homes like the Dream Home. But property acquisition is just the beginning. Convert collected resources into a thriving empire by investing in research stations. Unlock new recipes, craft mods, and establish outposts on celestial bodies with resources.

Expand with multiple outposts on different planets, connected via cargo links for efficient resource management. Unlock modifications and modules, enhancing your capabilities and ensuring dominance in Starfield's vast universe.

Enhancing Your Starfield Experience with Mods

Modding is a longstanding tradition in Bethesda's gaming community, and Starfield continues this trend. It allows players to enhance their gaming experience with new elements and revitalization, offering versatility from improving visuals with reshaders like Quantum Reshade to enhancing gameplay and quality-of-life improvements (QoL).

Mods can tweak the UI, streamline menus, or remove gameplay limitations, providing convenience without altering the core experience. PC players have a vibrant modding scene with creative options, introducing new features, questlines, and gameplay elements that transform Starfield. Whether you want a cleaner UI or new mechanics, the modding community has something for you. If you've exhausted the vanilla universe, explore mods and let your imagination run wild.

Start Your Journey Afresh

Bethesda's RPGs, including Starfield, are known for replayability, offering distinct experiences with each playthrough, so don't hesitate to dive back into the cosmic adventure. Each new game lets you make different choices, align with alternate factions, or bond with diverse companions. You might even find the quirky Adoring Fan's dialogue irresistible this time.

10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield
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Starfield's New Game Plus (NG+) also enhances replayability. Beyond revisiting the narrative, NG+ offers benefits like improved Starborn armor with each Unity passage. But what truly shines is the unpredictability. Expect unexpected twists on your fresh NG+ journey, as Starfield keeps its secrets well. So, whether you're enticed by the prospect of exploring a different path, aligning with new factions, or simply savoring the game's narrative once more, starting anew in Starfield is an adventure waiting to be embraced. And with NG+, the galaxy holds even more surprises for intrepid explorers.

10 Interesting Things To Do After Beating Starfield
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