Starfield Romance Options – Romance All 4 Companions

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Starfield Romance Options – Romance All 4 Companions

What are the Starfield romance options? These are the options in Starfield on how to romance the various companions in the game.

There is tons to do in Starfield including a lot of companion choices. A lot of players have pretty quickly started wanting a bit more out of their interactions with NPCs though. It’s not enough to just be friends. Sometimes you need a bit of romance in Starfield! When you’re travelling around it can give you a different experience in Starfield. How to romance is similar to other games but there are some quirks that are different from what you might have seen in the past.

Recent 2023 releases like Baldur’s Gate romance options have been insane. So far Starfield hasn’t gone quite as far. However, while you can romance crew in Starfield, it isn’t everyone. You’ll need to find a character who is a possible romance and then go through the steps to enter into a romantic relationship with them.

Starfield companions in the romance options don’t include every character in the game. However, there are a decent number of choices. This is how you can romance characters in Starfield.

Are There Starfield Romance Options?

Starfield Romance Options - How to Romance All Options

Can you romance crew in Starfield? Yes, Starfield has romance options! You can even romance them. Past Bethesda RPGs have featured this to a certain extent, with some highlights in titles like Skyrim’s romance options. It’s still a feature in Starfield, but significantly expanded. The relationships go further than they have in past games.

The total number of partners by be smaller than in some other games. However, the game goes deeper with these. There are more ways that Starfield companions romance dialogue and changes will alter the game. On the whole, it’s a more expansive system for romance options in Starfield.

Starfield Romancable Companions

Before we get into the details of Starfield and how to romance, it’s worth looking at the actual characters you can romance first. These are all of Starfield romantic options available between the companions.

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Sam Cole

Starfield Romance Options - How to Romance All Options

  • Skills – Piloting 4, Rifle Certification 3, Payloads 2, Geology 1
  • Recruiting Mission – The Empty Nest

Sam Cole is a romance option ties to the constellation faction. He’s an explorer who has laid done some roots in Akila City. If that’s where you’re choosing to buy a house in Starfield, he’s probably a pretty good match. This character has a few useful skills as a companion too.

Sarah Morgan

Starfield Romance Options - How to Romance All Options

  • Skills – Astrodynamics 4, Lasers 3, Leadership 2, Botany 1
  • Recruitment Mission – The Old Neighbourhood

The next of the Starfield romance options is Sarah Morgan. She is the leader of the Constellation, so another option tied to this faction. You can recruit here through a few related quests here.  As a leader, she’s one of the Starfield companions that romance is possible for, along with being a major force in the game’s world.


Starfield Romance Options - How to Romance All Options

  • Skills – Starship Engineering 4, Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3, Robotics 2, Gastronomy 1
  • Recruitment Mission – Back Vectera

Barett is one of the quicker companions you meet in the game’s quests. This character comes up the story early but you can’t make him a full companion till later. This does give you plenty of time to think over your choice in Starfield romance options though.


Starfield Romance Options - How to Romance All Options

  • Skills – Stealth 4, Particle Beams 3, Energy Weapon Systems 2, Theft 1
  • Recruitment Mission – Into the Unknown

Anderja is definitely on the more popular side of romanceable characters. How to romance Andreja in Starfield is a topic a lot of players are looking at right now. She’s a character you’ll meet while on a search for an artefact.

Those the first four main romanceable characters in Starfield found so far. There’s possibly more coming with future updates though. Once you’ve decided who you want to romance in the game, the process is going to involve getting closer to them though. For everyone else, the answer to can you romance crew in Starfield is no, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become pretty good friends. 

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Starfield How to Romance Characters

Starfield Romance Options - How to Romance All Options

If you want to get started with Starfield, how to romance characters isn’t too complicated. If you’ve played Elder Scrolls and Fallout, romance systems are similar there too. You’ll need to complete various tasks and quests associated with each character. This will help you build a relationship. Using the right dialogue choices when talking to the character will help too.

Both your actions and your dialogue choices have a big impact on romance. You’ll need to give your romance option what they want. While you have some freedom and space to not just follow a script, you’ll need to hit the right points if you want everything to go well.

As long as you’re putting the time in talking with them, you should figure out the right kind of language and start to make progress talking to your pick of Starfield romance options. Often it comes down to making choices that fit in with the faction your romance option is affiliated with.

Marriage – Endgame of Starfield Companions Romance

The endpoint of your Starfield romance options is marriage! This is where you make a full commitment to get together with one of your romance choices. When you get married, there’s a full quest in Paradiso where you can invite other characters and NPCs into the game too. While the options to romance crew in Starfield are limited, the ones covered go deep.

That’s how the Starfield romance system works! The whole process is definitely improved from past Bethesda games. It’s a lot more satisfying to follow one of the romances to the endpoint. Players can get a lot more out of the title’s romantic options than in the past, owing to the much more immersive world. Romancing an NPC can help to flesh out both your crew and the greater story in the title.

Starfield Romance Options – Romance All 4 Companions
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