Starfield: Where is Paradiso?

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Starfield: Where is Paradiso?

Exploring the idyllic hub in Starfield's vast open-world space simulator. Where is Paradiso?

Starfield's successful launch has everyone sailing the stars on their very own spaceships, especially after the game became available on the Xbox game pass. Bethesda's newest sandbox takes players to the fringes of known space, solving a galaxy-spanning mystery surrounding powerful artifacts. But with a 1000 planets to explore and countless dangers to face, constellation members can always use a break. Luckily, Starfield has an idyllic holiday resort inconspicuously tucked away near the game's starting area.

Appropriately named “Paradiso”, this small station can be hard to get to if you don't know where to look. Paradiso is also home to two of the most interesting sidequests in the game. But you're going to have to get there first if you're brave/crazy enough to attempt a 100% run.

Here's everything you need to know about Paradiso in Starfield, where to find it and how to finish the First Contact and Lost and Found side missions.

Where is Paradiso in Starfield?

Paradiso is found in the Porrima II planet in the “Porrima” system. To get there, grav jump from Alpha Centauri and hop past the Olympus and Volii systems. The planets on the Porrima system are numbered from I-VI. Paradiso is located along Porrima II's equator.

Where is paradiso in starfield

Paradiso Ship Services Technician

Rare star cruisers are buyable on Paradiso. Time for an upgrade? Head on over to the Trade Authority Kiosk near the landing pad. There you'll find the Ship Service Technician who offers unique (but expensive) ships up for sale. Here are all the ships you can get on Paradiso:

  • Abyss Trekker
  • Carry All II
  • Crimson Fleet Haunt
  • Rambler II
  • Renegade
  • Sunsai II
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Starfield: First Contact Mission Guide

First Contact has you act as a liaison between Paradiso and an old ship sent from Earth 200 years ago.

Before you'll be able to land your ship on Porrima II, you'll first receive a distress signal from an unknown ship who hasn't been able to establish communications with Paradiso, which was originally intended to be their settlement. The quest is a straightforward negotiation between the colonist ship and Paradiso's CEO, Oliver Campbell, who will never meet their demands and instead offers 3 alternatives:

  1.  Let the colonists live on Paradiso as indentured servants.
  2. Buy an expensive grav drive for the colonists to find another planet to settle on.
  3. Destroy the settler ship by messing with the core reactor.

Where is paradiso in starfield credit: PCGames

Taking the first option results in a fetch quest for materials needed to let the ship members settle on Paradiso, namely 10 lithium, 80 iron, 20 sealant, and 40 fiber. Pass a persuasion check with Diana Breckenridge for a headstart.

The second option will be harder on your wallet. To buy a grav drive, find Bennu in Hotel Paradiso. The ship component normally goes for 40,000 credits, but successfully persuading the merchant can drop the price to 25,000 credits. Once you acquire a grav drive, head back to the colonist ship and approach Chief Engineer Amin Kazemi for the instructions on how to install the grav drive.

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The third option however offers the most straightforward way to finish the side quest. Making the ECS Constant disappear requires you to overload the main reactor, causing the ship to explode. To do this, pickpocket a key off of Amin Kazemi. Next, access a terminal near the engineering bay entrance. Confirm a request for an “Emergency Reactor Overdrive”, then head back to the ship's Command Center. Once you're there, hack the advanced lock on Diana's computer. Select “Urgent Actions” and confirm the overdrive.

Starfield: Lost and Found Mission Guide

Where is paradiso in starfield credit: PCGames

Lost and Found is a much more lighthearted mission that you can start once you finally get to Hotel Paradiso. Here, you'll be tasked to find lost items that guests have misplaced around the popular holiday destination. Here's each item, and where to find them:

  • Room Keycard: can be found between two couches on the 5th-floor premium suite
  • Wedding Ring: the ring lies near one of the beach cabanas near the Hotel Paradiso entrance
  • Slate: found on the ground behind one of the plant islands on the hotel rooftop
  • Thermos: sits by the luggage alcove in the spaceport


And those are all of the major attractions in Starfield's hidden paradise. Paradiso offers tons of exploration to the game, as well as moral conflicts that can actually have long-term impacts. With additional perks and a variety of hardy ships up for sale, Paradiso's luxurious island escape is a must-see for every Starfield player looking to make a name for themselves.

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Starfield: Where is Paradiso?
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