How to Buy a House in Starfield – 3 Was to Get Best Houses

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How to Buy a House in Starfield – 3 Was to Get Best Houses

Want to know how to buy a house in Starfield? Between the Starfield dream home trait and just handing over credits, there are tons of ways to get a home in the game.

Starfield is a huge open experience, where you can explore the galaxy to your heart’s content. You can jump into doing interplanetary surveys, collecting information on rare lifeforms, or become a smuggler. There’s another choice to all this free movement though, settling down to buy a house a Starfield!

Like most open-world games, Starfield has mechanics for when you’re sick of journeying. It is possible to put down roots and settle in a specific spot. This can allow you to make one area a base of operations. It can essentially mean you’re free to set up an outpost to get more support on a particular planet. If you’re really into the role playing in RPGs, you can do a lot with open property like this. Can you buy a house in Starfield goes past just one house too.

Beyond just setting up a place to get a night’s rest, when you buy property in Starfield you’re then able to fully decorate! You can design and customize your house and outposts. If you’re hoping to role play as a particular kind of character then this really lets you get creative. Similar to some of the cool things that have been done with Fallout’s settlement system.

As with anything in a game this big though, there are some hoops you have to jump through before you can immediately set up shop in a new place. How to buy a house in Starfield involves quite a few credits and some work. This is how to buy a house in Starfield and all of the different ways you can do it.

How to Buy a House in Starfield

How to Buy a House in Starfield - 3 Was to Get Best Houses

There’s actually more than one way you can get a house! There are methods like the Starfield Dream Home trait, buying one, and some other requests. The game has plenty of property available that players can take over. There’s a way to get it pretty early by choosing specific character traits. However, you can also buy property straight up. You can get it from a quest reward too. In terms of property available, you can’t just buy anything. However, there are houses you can buy in Starfield in most of the major areas in the game.

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The simplest method for how to buy a house in Starfield is to flat out buy it. This method isn’t locked behind any specific progression or anything. Beyond having the credits to actually buy it! The price of the property does vary though. As you might have discovered scanning planets in Starfield, some are more desirable than others. A piece of real estate in a high-traffic area or a penthouse is going to cost more than something basic.

If you’re wondering if you can buy a house in Starfield without too many credits, there’s a solution there too.

On the lowest side of house prices is the Sleepcrate in Neon at 6,500. This spot resembles some of the dystopian rental listings you likely see in the real world or a capsule hotel. It’s a tiny space with just enough room for a bed to sleep in. However, you can go higher like the 235,000 Astral Lounge Penthouse or the 78,000 credit Core Manor.

How to Buy a House in Starfield - 3 Was to Get Best Houses

To actually buy a house in Starfield, you just need to track down the NPC responsible. Whoever is handling the sale will be an NPC you can talk to. For the most basic of these, all you need to do is gather enough credits to purchase the property. For others, how to buy a house in Starfield gets more complicated though.

To purchase property in some places like New Atlantis, you’ll need to complete quests. These are locations that have citizenship requirements to own property. You’ll need to jump through the right quest hoops to make an offer. Then gather up the credits, so you can finally finish buying a house in Starfield!

Can You Buy a House in Starfield More than Once?

If you want to buy a house in Starfield on every planet, you’re in luck. There’s no limit to property you can own. There’s no empty house tax or anything like that that would make you limit the amount of houses you own. You can buy as many as you can afford.

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Other Ways to Get a House in Starfield

That’s roughly how to buy a house in Starfield but you’re not limited to just purchasing them. You can also get your hands on some of the coolest houses in the game simply for progressing through quests and the main game. These are some of the other properties that you can collect without having to save up credits.

Starfield Dream Home Trait

How to Buy a House in Starfield - 3 Was to Get Best Houses

Probably the easiest way to get a house in Starfield is to use a particular trait. The Dream Home trait can be selected for your character which can get you a special home. This quest line will trigger at some point while playing, often early. Completing it rewards you with the Dream Home. This is a special line basically organized for those who want to buy a house in Starfield early.

One thing to keep in mind with the Dream House is it isn’t free. You can’t just get it handed over. Instead, you’re basically getting debt from the very start of the game. You’ll owe 125,000 credits. This needs to be paid back at a rate of 500 a week. It’s not too bad of a debt, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when picking your Starfield character traits.

Mercury Tower Penthouse

In New Atlantis, there is a Penthouse property which you can get your hands on for free. It’s one of the biggest spaces you can buy, so definitely worth progressing through to own one. To do this you’ll need to complete the United Colonies questlines. That is going to take a while but the penthouse is definitely a high-level reward for doing so.

Those are all of the different ways to buy a house in Starfield. It’s a system that can let you open things up creatively. Although, it’s going to cost you quite a bit to unlock the nicer bits of property, even if you’re using the Starfield Dream Home trait. It’s definitely worth purchasing a home on the planets you visit the most though.

How to Buy a House in Starfield – 3 Was to Get Best Houses
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